Lib Tech’s Holy Bowly Day 2


words: T. Bird
photos: E-Stone, T. Bird, and Aaron Blatt

While day one of Lib Tech's Holy Bowly was an introduction both to the riders and the course itself, day two (today) was the day where everyone figured out their lines. It was going off up at Park City as riding started at 11 and when the clouds lifted around 1pm, things heated up both figuratively and literally.

As the Holy Bowly slope boss Krush Kulesza pulled back the rakes, it was game on for four hours on the hand-sculpted masterpiece put together by Krush and Jeremy Cooper as every inch of transition that was once immaculate was destroyed by the day's end by the likes of Michael Wick, Griffin Siebert (running a J2 tribute all-orange kit), Blake Paul, Bryan Fox, Tim Eddy, Sam Taxwood, Ben Bogart, Danny Kass, Alex Lopez, Mike Rav, Seth Huot, Matt Edgers, lex Andrews, Nick Dirks, Temple Cummins, Michael Wick, Jamie Lynn, Wes Makepeace, Jeff Keenan, Sean Genovese, Jesse Burtner, Ian Keay, Andrew Brewer, Eric Messier, Ted Borland, Forest Bailey, Erik and Bjorn Leines, Mikey LeBlanc, Gus and Max Warbington, Hunter Wood, Hans Mindnich, Chris Grenier, Joe Sexton, Jake OE, Bode Merrill, and a slew of other local and far-away talent.

My personal standouts of the day were Blake and Griffin. With an effortless style, they both consistently found new lines every single run and I didn't see them fall. Granted, Griff was running the full orange setup and he was easy to see but his riding would've stuck out even if he were riding in the trees wearing camo.

At the day's end, the Volcom RV pulled out some amps, guitars, and drums and Jamie Lynn, Wes Makepeace, Zac Marben, Jake Blattner, and Seth Huot put on an impromptu jam session for all the Holy Bowly patricipants and a slew of random locals that thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. The après activities were a perfect personification of what The Holy Bowly is all about. It's a gathering of good people with a common interest all lapping, laughing, turning, and just generally relishing in what we all love, and that's riding our snowboards. For more, check the photo gallery for all the action and stay tuned to for the video edits, as they describe the general look, feel, and tone of The Holy Bowly at Park City, Utah better than I ever could.

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