Nikki Dodds

The snow spent the day falling but ladies like Nikki Slechta had no trouble sticking their tricks. Maybe the snow should take some notes. Maybe then it would stop falling all day. r: Nikki Slechta p: Aaron Dodds

recap: Heather Hendricks
most captions: Pat Bridges

ms superpark iconIn classic Colorado flair, Day 2 of Ms Superpark presented by Gatorade at Keystone Resort went down in weather that was drastically different then yesterday’s perfect spring scene. Today, constant snowfall created conditions more aptly suited for a powder day than a park shoot.

110330-keystone-DSC_9151 Oli

A graybird photo is better than a T-Bird photo any day. p: Oli Gagnon

Snow began to fall early in the morning and continued to hammer the massive course all the day. Large flakes accumulated on the takeoff and landings of all features Keystone’s Park Crew spent weeks building. When it dumps as relentlessly as it did today, speed is inevitably an issue, but the ladies weren’t deterred and rode hard all day.

Most of jumps and the ‘whales tail’ were out since speed couldn’t be sustained, so the jib features took precedence today.

Ms Superpark Day 2 LA 11 Robyn

Flat light flat spin by Robyn Van Gyn. That rhymes. r: Robyn Van Gyn p: Laura Austin

During the first part of the day, the ladies sessioned the down bar, the barrel gap, and the quaterpipe gap rail. Sandra Hillen stepped it up and nailed a nice front board on the down rail, while Leanne Pelosi and Nicki Schlecta were standouts on the barrel gap. Party Pelosi looked confident on the barrel and stuck a 270 out which was well received by the rest of the girls. On the quaterpipe to rail gap, Desiree Melancon laid down a proper slow-mo boardslide that was super stylie.

Ms Superpark Day 2 LA 13 colleen bw

Reader Test! In the comments below name 3 riders who were on the Chorus Snowboards team at the beginning of the New Millenium. p: Laura Austin

As it continued to puke throughout the day, many of the girls hiked features time after time, trying to get enough speed to nail their tricks and get the shot. Some of the girls snuck away and took a few laps through Area 51’s rail garden where they had fun jibbing through the multitude of metal.

celia-miller Huggy

Celia Miller was taking her time while on top of the wallride and we were like "quit stalling and land the trick already." r: Celia Miller p: Huggy

Robin Van Gyn was spotted slashing pow on the side of the jumps before hitting the gap on the right side of the ‘whales tail’. She finagled enough speed to stomp a stellar back 5 over the massive gap. Sarka Pancochova was also hitting this feature and nailed some nice spins and even a rumored 720.

alice-gong chris r: Alice Gong p: Chris Garrison

After a super girly lunch of BBQ ribs and corn on the cob provided by Keystone, the girls got back after it and sessioned the quaterpipe wall/ride. Elena Hight made it happen on this hit and got the shot with a solid stall.

Ms Superpark Day 2 LA 04 bryn3

Once word was out that powder was dumping from the sky, both Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan showed up at registration. It took a few hours of explaining for them to realize what we were actually talking about. They left in disappointment. r: Bryn Valaika p: Laura Austin

Despite the trying conditions, dedication and perseverance from all of the top ladies shone brightly today. The action continues as Ms Superpark 7 presented by Gatorade trucks on tomorrow. It’s bound to be pow day, but the ladies will still be dropping bangers in park.

Big ups to Keystone Resort for hosting the event, to the park crew for keeping their scene tight, and to Gatorade for the hydration to go all day.