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Recap: Heather Hendricks
Captions: Laura Austin

The seventh annual Ms Superpark presented by Gatorade concluded today at Keystone Resort in Summit County, Colorado. For four days female pros stepped up to the plate and sessioned the massive setup Keystone’s Park Crew assembled in Area 51. The first day was blessed with bright blue skies, day two and three were filled with pow, and perfect spring conditions set the scene today.

Who knew Erin Comstock was so good at pole dancing? But seriously, going backside into a pole at high speeds is pretty ballsy. R: Erin Comstock. P: Laura Austin

Given the awesome weather, the girls spent the day throwing down on all of the features. The triple jump line was the spot for heavy action in the am, while whales tail and gap jumps were prime spots in the afternoon. The ladies lapped continuously throughout the day and displayed utmost dedication and drive.

There is a joke around the office that anytime Espen Lystad is in someone else’s photo he is always just watching the rider and missing the shot. Espen… we think you got the shot this time. R: Michelle Zeller P: Oli Gagnon

The consensus among all the riders was that the innovative course allowed for progressive riding which helped to make this the best Ms Superpark to date.

With everyone sending it and shredding so well, there were many standouts throughout the week. We went to the riders and photogs to get the scoop on their favorite parts from Ms Superpark 7 presented by Gatorade.

Screw shooting from a helicopter, Huggy rented a flying squirell to get this shot. R: Kimmy Fasani. P: Huggy

Kimmy Fasani:
My overall experience of coming to Ms Superpark is everything in the park flowed so well. Jamie Anderson proved that today by hitting every single jump in a row and making the whole park work. That’s a sign of a true slopestyle snowboarder. I would say that everything looks really intimidating to the eye, but once you hit it, it was really smooth and as long as you had the right speed everything was really fun.

Day 4 Standout: Jamie Anderson did a front 1 off the pole jam, into a switch back 5 and she was hitting the next jump. I think that line was just so creative and so tough. That’s a really hard line to make work together and she definitely killed it. Spencer was just on fire. She was doing really sick back 1 tails and she was riding really well.

My standout moment was honestly just watching girls progress and push each other. That’s the point of this event and there’s been such an amazing group camaraderie. Every type of snowboarder can come out and get something done.

Keystone did a really good job with that.

colleen quigley oli

Colleen Quigley said that her goal was to hit this quarterpipe/ wallride 100 times. We think she wanted to show up Charlie Sheen because he has hit the wall at least 99 times. R: Colleen Quigley. P: Oli Gagnon

Colleen Quigley:
My favorite part of Superpark is that every pro girl in snowboarding is here and it’s a super fun vibe taking laps with everyone. It’s awesome to see how much everyone has progressed throughout the season. For me it’s been insane watching all the girls and seeing how progressive everyone is.

Day 4 Standouts: I couldn’t choose just one, so I’d say the top three are Celia Miller who did a sick back 3 rodeo off the pole jam. Melissa did a front three off the pole jam which was super stylish and Kjersti’s front threes are just so sick. She’s corks them, gets vertical and grabs stalefish- It’s so stylish. Also Jamie destroyed the triple line. Her 5’s were sick.

Keystone is amazing. Hands down this has been the best park setup I’ve ever seen at women’s Superpark. They just build stuff that looks so sick and the guys told me that they actually cut the sides of the features with chainsaws and shovels. All the trannies are perfect and just to look around at all the work they did for us is awesome.

How many photographers does it take to get a shot of Kjersti Buaas? We would say 4, but Oli Gagnon is definitely blowing it. R: Kjersti Buaas. P: Huggy

Leanne Pelosi:
This Ms Superpark was the best Ms Superpark I’ve ever been too. I’ve been to all of them except for one, including the very first one. I think it was really cool to be apart of this because the course was so progressive and all the trannies matched up perfectly.

Jamie was my favorite person to watch in the park because she hit every single feature all the way down and she looked like she was having so much fun. There were so many people doing really cool things. I liked Kjersti’s 3’s and 7’s, and Sarka’s back rodeo and Celia’s back rodeos. They were killing it.

I would love to see Ms Superpark come back to Keystone. This was awesome.

We told Chris not to flash the girls, but he couldn’t help himself. R: Jamie Anderson P: Chris Garrison

Raewyn Reid:
My favorite part about Superpark is coming here and getting to see all my friends ride and do cool tricks. It’s always just fun and there’s free Gatorade- yellow Gatorade is awesome. The course this year is insane. They did such a good job and there’s so many cool creative ways to hit things. It’s probably my favorite setup that I’ve ever had at a Superpark.

Day 4 Standouts: I saw Colleen do a really cool handplant on the wall ride on the top of the quarter-pipe. And the girls have been killing it all day on the whales tail. Jamie has been riding the entire park like a champion. It’s just been a great day.

I touched a wall and I liked it. R: Sandra Hillen. P: Chris Garrison

Bev Vuilleumier:
I really liked the setup this year. It was just super fun and there was a lot of girls killing it.

Day 4 Standouts: Jamie spinning the jump line was sick. I think she did front 3, to back 1 to cab 5. And Celia’s back rodeos, Sarka’s rodeo 7’s, Kjersti’s front 7’s- Everyone was killing it. This has been my favorite Superpark . Next year it’s on.

Blow up doll session. R: Kimmy Fasani. P: Aaron Dodds

Photog’s insight:

Huggy (SNOWBOARDER’s Photo Editor):
This has been one of the top three most productive shoots I’ve ever been at. The first three days weren’t very productive but the fourth day made up for it.

Keystone’s setup was insane. When we first rolled up, we thought the setup may have been a little too gnarly- We didn’t even know if the girls would be hitting it. By the end, everyone was hitting everything. We knew it was going to be good because Keystone’s park staff guinea-pigged everything first in front of everybody so that was a huge help.

Day 4 Standouts- Colleen’s handplant on the wall ride was awesome and the 7 am photo shoot we did with Erin Comstock was amazing. Also, being in the cherry picker, up forty feet was great. I could see almost everything that was going on and I was shooting like three things at once. I didn’t want to come down.

Probably the best Superpark ever. I’ve been to four and this is certainly the best I’ve been to.

gabi-viteri huggy

In ancient egypt, Cleopatra made her lipstick out of crushed beetles for their red pigment, ants for a base, and fishscales for the shimmer. Luckily Burton uses none of these ingredients to make their Lipstick. R: Gabi Viteri. P: Huggy

Laura Austin (SNOWBOARDER’s Online Editor):
If I had to pick one standout it would be Kimmy Fasani. She’s been killing it the whole time. Just charging. She’s really been pushing other girls to step it up, and I can tell a lot of the other girls look up to her. Today she has been here since 7 in the morning, and now the lifts are closing and she is still here hitting a massive gap jump. We were wondering if we were going to see a double out of her, but she’s just not feeling it, and that’s alright.

Today Celia Miller was doing some rodeos all over the place which was awesome to see, it is a trick that looks really good in the air, especially for photos. Erin Comstock was doing back threes on the log tap, and going into that thing backside and blind is insane. Kjersti was has been killing it these past 4 days as well, I think she is one of the smoothest riders here.

All the girls have been saying that this is the best setup and the best time they’ve ever had at a Superpark. It’s awesome to see so much progression in female snowboarding come out of one event – I’m really glad I got to be apart of it.

Ms Superpark Day 4 LA 127 celia

This is and is not a Miller Flip all at the same time. R: Celia Miller. P: Laura Austin

Thanks to Gatorade for keeping everyone hydrated, Keystone for creating such a sick park, and everyone else who helped make Ms Superpark 7 such a phenomenal success.

Until next year….

We could make an obscene joke about Huggy picking cherries, but we won’t go there. R: Jamie Anderson. P: Huggy

Alright so this may not be the best photo in the world. The rider gets a little lost in the background, the ground is a little blown out, and it is a little out of context. But look at those two girls on the chairlift…. the one closest to the camera is wearing not one but TWO fannypacks. Revolutionary. R: Danika Duffy P: Laura Austin