Shelley Gotlieb

Shelley Gotlieb

words: Eric Meyers

This Eastern Sierra weather is tricky. Today we had a reversal from yesterday, with the morning providing excellent conditions and the wind coming in later on for day 3 of Ms. Superpark 5. The women who showed up early really did get the worm, as the sixty-foot step down was sessioned heavy. The usual crowd of big names like Hana Beaman, Leanne Pelosi and Desiree Melancon were up there, but there were also some fresh faces in the mix. New Zealand's Shelly Gotlieb was throwing some spins, and even tossed a backflip down the monster, while Cecilia Miller put down backside threes with the smoothness.

A couple of the girls even started linking up the three jumps; step down to channel gap to the criss cross tabletops. Unfortunately it seemed like as soon as they had the speed figured out, the wind picked up with gusts strong enough to begin stripping the course of all banners, flags and anything else not tied down. Luckily, the quarterpipe was somewhat shielded, so the crews all met up down there.

Sitting on top of the vert are a pair of Gatorade bottles, one vertical and one horizontal offering up all the bonk options you could wish for. The bottles are actually made out of giant old propane tanks, so the smoking hot stalls and handplants that the ladies were doing had us a little worried about fire danger. For a while it seemed like every single participant was eagerly waiting to drop in, and the level of camaraderie was at an all time high. Once things died down a bit, our own Pat Bridges even strapped in to show stragglers like Raewyn Reid and Kimmy Fasani some of his tested true techniques in the handplant department.

Tomorrow is the final day, so the women are sure to bring their best stuff for one last chance to get their shots. Check back tomorrow for the final wrap up of Ms. Superpark 5!