Photo: Espen Lystad

Riders woke up to falling snow this morning, but by the time we picked up some coffee the clouds had parted and gave way to a beautiful, bluebird day. Most of the girls chose to hang out at the quarterpipe with the Gatorade propane tank jibs, and some incredibly impressive riding went down. Maribeth Swetkoff was doing big blunt stalls on the horizontal bottle, and Jess Kimera was getting legit with nosepick indy grabs.

On the other side of the trail sits the satellite dish, and there was a crowd over there, too. Nirvana Ortanez was killing it, sliding around the very outside lip of the feature, getting lots of attention from photographers and peers alike. Colleen Quigley was hitting the dish all day long, and probably put down the raddest radar trick of the week with air to fakie melon grabs.

All in all, this week was a huge success, everyone involved looked like they were having a great time and the shots are the proof of that. All that's left to do now is crown the Ms. Superpark Standout of 2009, but don't hold your breath just yet, we're waiting until Men's Superpark so we can reveal them together…it'll be just like prom!

A massive thanks goes out to Jeremy Cooper and his park crew for all their building, salting and towing. Also, big ups to Gatorade, June Mountain, everyone else who helped out and of course, the women who made the week that was!