New Year’s High Resolution: Aaron Blatt


Our New Year’s High Resolution photo galleries not only celebrate the hard work and global travels of the SNOWBOARDER Senior Photographers, but also serve as an homage to the photographic finesse that our staff photographers possess. This group’s ability with f-stops, dedication to getting the shot, and keen eye for putting it all together creates the iconic imagery that documents our sport season after season and we are more than stoked to add another talented photog to the fold; this season, we have welcomed Aaron Blatt as our first-ever Online Senior Photographer. East Coast-born, West Coast-inhabitant Blatt has for years been turning out photos that deftly capture impactful moments of snowboarding, from Finland to Mount Hood and everywhere in between, and is also one of our favorite people with which to celebrate a good day. As a member of the SNOWBOARDER staff in the advent of this digital age, Blatt will be shaping the visuals of in a brand new way. Welcome aboard, buddy.

words and photos: Aaron Blatt

This last year was wild – memories flip back to hand plants in the Pyrenees, and methods in the Austrian Alps, a couple of trips to Scandinavia, delicious ice creams in Japan, watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean, icy slopes on the Eastern Seaboard, and hip sessions in Whistler. While I’m thankful for everywhere I’ve been able to travel to this past year – I’m more thankful for the people that I was able to travel with. Countless hours flew by in the airports, on the planes, and in the vans, where endless entertainment existed in the form of outlandish pranks, filthy jokes, and fast times with old and new friends. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing some more of this world in 2014, but maybe more so, I’m looking forward to another good year out on the road with my comrades. And some new filthy jokes.