Oakley Progression Sessions – Mammoth 2013


photos: Kevin Westenbarger

Oakley Progression Sessions just finished their second stop of their 2013 women’s snowboard camp at Mammoth. Beautiful weather and a private park made for a weekend that left all of the women involved smiling.

Neev Zaiet was at OPS to enjoy the weekend and learn some new tricks, in addition to writing about the experience for www.oakleyprogressionsessions.com.

“In keeping up with progression, there was a private park set up by Mammoth Unbound for the session, complete with a 12 jump mini line, boxes and rails, and a mini pipe. Progression wasn't just for campers, but for coaches as well, with Chanelle working on perfecting some tricks herself. ‘I rode all day with everyone, working on my methods and working on my back one to switch back one. No matter how big or small the features are, we can always learn and I always learn at these things so it's really fun for me too.'”

Neev commented on the confidence-building atmosphere of the weekend:

“It’s with that positive mantra of getting over fears, that every woman was able to make it through the weekend. Oakley Progression Sessions wouldn't be complete without multiple on snow dance parties, hilarious instagram photos and far too many side- splitting laughs along the way. Every single participant and coach vibed off of one another, making for a successful time that left everyone wishing it didn't end so soon.”

Check out a few photos from the event and go to www.oakleyprogressionsessions.com for more:
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