Pat Moore’s Methodology Event Series Hits Loon Mountain—Highlights and Recap

words: Pat Moore
photos: Mike Azevedo

The Methodology event series continued last weekend with our 2nd stop at Loon Mountain. The goal of the event was to raise money for the new Lin-Wood Skatepark which is planned to be built just a few miles away from Loon in downtown Lincoln. With the skatepark committee members also working at Loon, every string was pulled and every favor was asked for the event to be a success.

Danny Garrity with the Method of the day. p: Mike Azevedo

The Loon Park Staff put together one hell of a course with giant berms, rollers, and the signature Methodology double sided hip passed the finish line. With the weather on our side, and Vans Waffles filling our stomachs, all the legends, dirts, and New Hamphsire’s finest came out to enjoy snowboarding together. The day was more of a reunion than a contest, but that didn’t keep the buzzards from flying. Classic airs and tricks were sent by the likes of Scotty Lago, Danny Garrity, Zach Normandin, and Athena Comeau. Each age group came with a list of heavy hitters from the Boys and Girls (Under 15) to the Ladies and Gentlemen (30 and Over).

Riding ended that day at 4pm, but the event was just getting started. With the help of the Loon Mountain Club, Methodology and Vans hosted an afterparty that offered free PBR, food for each competitor, and a massive silent auction and raffle that boosted the fundraising further than we could imagine. The top ticket items were prizes such as a Traeger Grill, a signed surfboard from Dane Reynolds, signed deck from Christian Hosoi, and a free session to High Cascade. The general raffle seemed to go on for days from the generosity of many brands who were happy to support our goal with lots of product. Nearly every person went home with something in hand and a smile on their face.

Think Tanner McCarty will put himself on his team? p: Mike Azevedo

I can’t thank everyon enough for making such a great event happen. The crew at Loon and the skatepark committee were the heroes of the day, and the $13,000 raised was all from their hard work and dedication. Vans stepped in big time to make sure each rider had a great time and our supporting sponsors Volcom and Electric Visual helped us reach that amazing number with their donations.

Although we raised a good chunk of change on Saturday, the work isn’t over. With the funds from Methodology, the Lin-Wood Skatepark Committee has raised $70,000 so far with a goal of $100,000 to complete the park. If you are interested in helping complete the park, check out their website at

He held onto the check all night! p: Mike Azevedo


Girls(15 and Under):
1. Rachel Shepard
2. Isabella Alonso
3. Callen Hwang

Boys (15 and Under):
1. Kristopher Boris
2. Tucker Johnson
3. Tim Mccall

1. Stacey Nutile
2. Danielle Allwein
3. Courtney Graf

1. Brian Barb
2. Jacques Beriau
3. Mike Baker

Open Women:
1. Athena Comeau
2. Hanna Mazzola
3. Courtney Malloy

Open Men:
1. Scotty Lago
2. Zach Normandin
3. Ian Hart

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