Words & Photos: Basti Balser

After a lot of good food and wine over the Christmas days, it was time to pack the bags and fly out to Iceland to hook up with Eiki Helgason, his brother Halldòr Helgason and Gulli Gudmundsson to shoot rails in their home town Akureyri.

I met up with the rest of the media crew (Viktor Skogqvist; Johannes Brenning and Johan Wennerström) in Reykjavik to fly in a small plane to Akureyri. After some hustle at the check in counter, we were only allowed to bring hand luggage on board that weighed a maximum 6kg, which isn’t an easy task when each of us had at least 16kg of photo and video equipment stuffed in our camera bags. A 45 minute flight later we landed in the hometown of the Helgason bros and Gulli.

From there on they had it all dialed. We stayed in a nice apartment on the second floor of the Helgasons house, big up to Mama and Papa Helgason for taking such nice care of us. We have a lot of spots lined up and stashed a lot of bangers so far. New Years was a blast and we even had a second chance to get the one and only Helgasons.com filmer Johannes Brenning (ad him on facebook) out to town….

The rest of the trip was as sweet as the first part. More jibs, Eiki Helgason could claim a new world-record, the Gudmundssons invited us for a nice dinner at their place and we celebrated Halldors birthday. Geiri from Nikita came to town as well and invited us for a nice warm up at their staff house in Akureyri.

The two and a half weeks up in Iceland were a full success and everybody who gets the chance to go and check this country out should definitely go. We were blown away by the countryside and the hospitality of the people. Can’t wait to go back.

Thanx again to everybody that helped us out, and check out the video now to get an idea of our trip.