Words: JP Pardy, owner of RECESS.

Photos: Kyle Beckmann.

Video: Jacob Sutton.

It seems like almost every weekend there is some sort of contest involving 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with age groups or beginner to advanced…While those are great and all at some point the kids just have to get out there and rip with each other and enjoy snowboarding for what it is! With Beech Mtn Park Crew putting together one of the raddest setups of the year with transition, creativity and air time allowing RECESS to come in with EASY DOES IT and do just that! Style and fun was the name of the game, with lots of grabs, tweaks, hot dogs and good times! Contest pressure was out the window on this one. Just a bunch of boarders on all levels thrashing around the park together and feeding off of each others good vibes. At the end various awards were given out and the down hill foot race for scattered prizes was all time carnage!
MOST CREATIVE: Reilly Tardiff
BEST SLAM: Brantley Mullins
STANDOUT: Matt Sutton
MOST STOKED: Anthony Brown
BEST GRAB: Jack Reid
THE SICKEST: Preston Cogdill
BEAST MODE: Gus Gordon
CASHME OUSSIDE: Ashley Galleher