Red Bull Butter Cup 2011: Holiday Valley

Oil always separates itself from water, so the buttering was easy for the riders in the wet conditions.

Photos: Bob Knab

The final stop of the East Coast Red Bull Butter series made its way to upstate New York last weekend, for a celebratory end to its run at Holiday Valley. Pat Morgan and his crew have been putting on this event for the past three seasons, so the butter pad set up was in good hands when the Red Bull crew arrived at the mountain.

Carly Harrington buttering the picnic table.

Morgan and crew built a course with some Holiday Valley-added creativity and the stage was set for a Saturday of epic proportions. And then Mother Nature reared her ugly side and opened up the sky with an epic downpour.

The flannel this rider is wearing must be moisture-wicking, because otherwise he's getting pretty wet in this photo. Either way, he doesn't seem to mind as he tailpresses across the picnic table.

But, the Holiday Valley shreds wouldn't be stopped. Despite the rain, a record 115 excited snowboarders showed up Saturday morning to register for the event, and they didn't seem to mind a little wet weather one bit. From young groms, to park rat teenagers, to card-carrying members of the AARP (cough cough Chris Naugle), everyone was stoked to get out on the hill and butter around with their friends. Riders threw on ponchos, emblazoned with Holiday Valley's logo, over their jackets and hiked up to the drop in.

Despite the rain, over 100 riders and tons of spectators came out to Holiday Valley for the final East Coast stop of Red Bull Butter Cup.

Womens Podium. (L to R) Justine Nadherny, Carly Harrington, Cadi Lynn

Holiday Valley was recently From the moment the first heats began, it was clear that the rain wasn't impeding any of the shredding. 270s on and off were being put down in a flurry of action, and competitors were nosepressing, tailpressing, and laying out tech combos as the judges did their best to tally everything up.

Am Podium. (L to R) Emmit Potski, Bryden Bowloy, Corey Duffy

In the end, it was Bryden Bowloy who emerged victorious in the Am Division, grabbing a new Forum Snowboard and tons of prizes from Oakley, Nike 6.0, and more. Carly Harrington took first for the Women's Division, winning a prize pack from sponsors, as well. Cody Voit who was the winner in the Pro Division, walking away with 750 dollars to spend as he pleases.

Pro Podium. (L to R) Cobie Harloft, Cody Voit, Fred Maybach

Thanks to Pat Morgan and everyone at Holiday Valley, Stan from Oakley, Junior from Forum, Neff, and Nike 6.0.

1- Carly Harrington
2-Justine Nadherny
3-Cadi Lynn

1- Bryden Bowloy
2- Emmit Potski
3- Corey Duffy

1- Cody Voit
2- Cobie Harloft
3- Fred Maybach