Just like the name says, Red Bull Butter Cup is all about pressing and buttering across the set up.

Photos: Chip Allen

The second East Coast stop of the Red Bull Butter Cup series went down in New Jersey last weekend at Mountain Creek. Over 100 competitors, flanked by an excited crowd of friends, family, and weekenders, buttered their way across the custom Red Bull butter pads for tons of prizes and 1,200 dollars cash.


An unknown rider spreads it on thick in front of the judges.

The basis of Red Bull Butter Cup makes it fun for all ages and levels of riders—anyone can have a good time buttering and the many young competitors that were at this stop made this clear. Marking a first in the three-year history of Butter Cup was the Grom Party Trick Off, where three precocious six-year-olds squared off against each other (and the butter pads), mini-man against mini-man. Chris Longo was the only one to completely stick his trick, earning the right to be hoisted atop the first place podium.


Mark Martinez, buttering his way to second place.

Both the pro and am heats were stacked with riders that had no problem hustling up and down the course to get as many runs in as possible. Ten-minute heats separated those that could butter the muffin from those who whose riding was flat (based). On the am side, Sean Neary spread it on smoother than his competition, taking first. Mark Martinez, who earned second, had competed in Mount Snow, traveled to NJ because he enjoyed the event so much the first time. Said Martinez, "I love this event, because when I go riding I’m more about doing really tech buttery tricks on everything than getting crazy on the gnarlliest down bar i can find–this is the place for me! This is a contest based solely on your pressing, control, and ability. That’s why it so cool."

When it was the pros' turn to hit the course, the butter-hammers came out, with the flex-patterns of boards being put to the test with every competitor that dropped. In the end, Luke Henning walked away with $1200 in his pocket. If only Atlantic City was closer.

Thank you to Hugh, Nate, and the entire Mtn Creek Crew, Forum, Oakley, Neff, Nike 6.0, Magical Go-Go and everyone who came out to spread it on at Creek!

Next stop is Saturday, February 12th at Loon. For more info go to:


Am podium

Am Podium.


1st – Sean Neary

2nd – Mark Martinez

3rd – Brett Stuart

pro podium

Pro Poduim.


1st – Luke Henning

2nd – Matt Behre

3rd – TJ Santana

womens podium

Womens Podium


1st – Brie Pepe

2nd – Jess Kurman

3rd – Gina Perreli


1st – Chris Longo

2nd – Evan Faner

3rd – Logan Leggoul

About Red Bull Butter Cup:

Red Bull Butter Cup is a contest series that showcases creativity in technical flatland trickery. Born in the northeast in 2009 and bred for the country in 2011, it’s all about going back to the basics of what made us all fall in love with shredding in the first place: FUN! Butter up and cut loose on the custom Red Bull butter pads and bring your bag of tricks.

Style and creativity is the name of the game and the competition is hot so the cream will rise to the top. The jam session format keeps the action flowing while riders battle in Pro and Am divisions for cash and fresh gear. Only trick sequences that include buttering will count so hit the snow and start polishing your skills.