words and captions: Brendon Rego
photos: Alessandro Giampaolo, Tyler Benton and Brendon Rego

June 16, 2017 officially kicked off the most exciting time of the summer! PDX swarmed with overly stoked kids on the brink of their most anticipated week of summer vacation. As campers poured into Government Camp, OR, the Lick The Cat crew arrived in full-effect, bringing their entire squad plus the homies to ensure Govy got the full LTC experience.

As for Mother Nature, we're not sure who to thank, but she seemed to have gotten the memo providing bluebird skies and warm temperatures throughout the week. Signature Session™ Pros Sage Kotsenburg, Spencer Schubert, Blake Paul, Sam Taxwood, and Max Warbington came out to ride our perfectly manicured private parks courtesy of the #HCSCdiggers and distribute loads of fresh product to all of our campers. LTC slacklining was a highlight of the week with campers flinging themselves across the foam pit with hopes and dreams of new swag.

If Session 1 is a preview of what's to come the rest of the summer, Reid Smith is about to air this place out. p: Rego

The debut of the new 18-foot HCSC minipipe was one for the books and seemed to be a favorite among everyone across the board. Everyday after lunch on the rocks you could guarantee a session going down featuring a plethora of plants & air variations. Standout camper Gregor was boosting 10-foot high cripplers that had Head Coach Pops reminiscing about Keir Dillon's glory days. If you're not planning on attending camp this summer, grab your popcorn, because we're hot on the heels of Session 2 and this summer on Palmer Glacier is shaping up to be one of the best to date!

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