If you live in a ski resort town, the chances of stumbling upon a smoke shack is pretty reasonable. Word gets out and people come in. While we don’t condone any illegal activity, in this day and age, lighting up isn't as taboo as it used to be. People from all walks of life to roll up and roll out, and currently Twenty-nine states, as well as the District of Columbia, have laws broadly legalizing it in some form.

We asked a few pros for some tips and tricks for the next time you and your friends decide to have a “safety meeting.” Here to give you some smoke shack etiquette lessons are the people that spend a majority of their time on snow. Featuring Ozzy Henning, Dylan Alito, Nate Bozung and many more, it's coloring time. Print ’em out, color ’em in, throw the finished product on your Instagram and tag @snowboardermag, the rippers, and #SnowboarderColoringBook. – Javier Silva

"What everybody should already know, don't blow the spot up." – @ozzyhenning

"The whole Mt is a smoke shack hahaha." – @boznutz

"Don't get caught fucking. Come here to smoke, not poke." – @dylan_alito

"Lol! Never show up with anyone that you haven’t actually seen smoke." – @mysonstan

"When you get passed the J, don’t be drooling on that shit. Keep it fresh for everyone else!" – @jibgurl420

"I don’t smoke weed but I would say don’t tell anybody about your smoke shack, and pick up your trash." – @erikleon_

"Roll it dirty." – @jaegerbailey

"Clean up after yourself, littering sucks. The cleaner it and is and less visible to ski patrol the longer it will be available to blaze up in." – @harrison_gordon

"I would say if there’s a lighter there when you arrive, make sure you don’t take it with you and if there isn’t, leave yours before you go. And be wise about who you take with you, #1 rule would be to not to blow it up." – @bigairmare

"Biggest pet peeve is when your already there and then people show up expecting you to share!" – @madmads.world

"What's a smoke shack?" – @torlundstrom

“Keep it away from the kids." – @jared_mcdaniel

"No one wants to hit your pipe so roll up … and always add some dirty to it otherwise everyone leaves the shack too high to ride." – @instagarry

"Don’t really have too much to contribute… never been to a smoke shack before. But I guess that’s one of the important rules, to never give away the exact location or something. I guess it’s important to keep it local." – @fridge_st

"That shit's not a microphone. Puff, puff, pass." – @timhumphreys

"You better be holdin' because the cheeba hawks don't fly in the smoke shack." – @mikeyoshida

"Leave your roach." – @blake.kehoe