Snowboard On The Block 2017

Where else in the world can you watch the newest crop of snowboarding movies all at once? Well, besides iTunes, probably nowhere. But snowboarding movies aren’t meant to be watched alone, they sure as hell shouldn’t be watched on a phone, and most of the movies that premiered last Saturday in the Centennial State aren’t available for download yet. So after partying for a night in Boulder with our summer intern, we drove down to Snowboard On The Block for the fifth year in a row to watch the Colorado snowboarding season launch as the local community descended upon Denver’s Sculpture park for a day of beer, gear, and cheer. MC’d by Eddie Wall and DJ DC, wind persisted for a good part of the event, but so did the spirits. Premiering movies all day, including SNOWBOARDER‘s Pepper, Arbor’s Cosa Nostra, Absinthe’s Turbo Dojo, TransWorld’s Arcadia, and Method’s The Method Movie 2, it is needless to say that it was an excellent time for anyone that enjoys strapping in.

Crowds gathered throughout the day to watch every movie.

But as we all know from the past five years, Snowboard on the Block isn’t just movies. Vendors occupied a corner of the park that allowed ample perusing of the latest and greatest tech in the snow world, as well as some endemic Colorado shops supplying tools for a bit of a greener interest. Musical acts The Murder City Devils and The Vandals took the crowd to 11 during their mid-day and evening sets, and 10 Barrel Brewing sustained the party by offering beer for $2 dollars for as long as they could.

Cheers to $2.00 beers!

The crowd poured in about as fast as the beer but everyone would slow to a seat in the grass as soon as the movies started to roll. Don’t get us wrong, all the food and drinks were excellent, but the main course was on the main stage. Standout parts from Pepper and the rest of the movies got hoots and hollers as the snowboarding community rejoiced watching a season of hard work and got stoked for what is to come.

Who wants a free board? Arbor’s Frank April and Sean Black.

Planking for a new plank.

The standard premiere event shenanigans were also on hand. Arbor’s Frank April and Sean Black decided to stage an impromptu planking competition, only turning it into a pushup contest to finally decide the winner of a brand new Arbor deck. Sponsor tents with collab boards had riders of all ages spin wheels and throw bean bags for a chance to walk away with a board. By the looks of the amount of Fireball Whisky boards we saw in the crowd, Fireball might want to bring a bit of a harder game than Jenga next time. Boards were being doled out at a high rate and lucky ripper Jack Wiley even walked away with a free heli trip courtesy of Eagle Pass Heli.

Good job @ The Vandals.

As always, by the nights end the stoke was too much to contain and after The Vandals closed out the official event, the celebrating was sent late into the night around the streets of Denver. We hazily remember hearing a lot of “Sko Buffs” which we aren’t too clear on what it exactly means, but that is the price we pay for crashing on our college interns couch for the weekend. Big thanks to all the sponsors that help put on the event this year! We hope to see you all again next year.

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