words and photos by Mark Clavin

Premiere season is officially upon us! We didn't see it coming either. Amongst a relaxing summer of surfing, skating and spending time on some glaciers, it just snuck up. Last night we were headed home from the office just like any other day and the next thing we knew, a beer was placed in our hand, friends were crowding in from every corner, and Arbor's Cosa Nostra started rolling on the big screen at their headquarters in the heart of Venice.

You would think their beachside location would be an odd spot to kick off the premiere season for the snowboarding world, but the amount of riders and beer that flowed throughout the night made it feel like we were in a mountain town mid-season. Arbor's Bryan Iguchi, Mark Carter, Marie-France Roy, Frank April, Erik Leon, Charles Reid, Scotty Vine, Mike Liddle, Ian Sams, Cam Fitzpatrick, and Mike Gray were all in attendance for the celebration, along with the guys behind the movie, Sean Black, Paul Heran, and Sammy Spiteri. Tons of fellow riders made it out to Southern California to drink free Rainier and Hi-Ball as well, including Harrison Gordon, Elena Hight, Forest Bailey, Desiree Melancon, Blake Paul, Red Gerard, and Teddy Koo.

Premieres can be a tough place to actually WATCH a movie amongst the reunions of friends not seen since the last laps of the previous season, but the crowd grew quiet as the opening scenes of Cosa Nostra lit up the parking lot. From opener to ender (we will let you watch the movie to see who got them) all eyes were fixed on the brainchild of the Arbor family. Cosa Nostra simply blew us away. And crazily enough, that wasn't even the most exciting part of the night. As soon as the credits rolled, Team Manager Sean Black officially introduced Mary Rand as the newest member of the Arbor squad, along with "pro"-moting Erik Leon and Charles Reid to full pro status in front of their family and friends. Bryan Iguchi presented the two with boards pressed with their names across the base.

All in all, we would say it was an insane night to kick off the season. If it is any indication of what is to come, this season might be one of the best yet, or at least full of a lot more hangovers. Thanks to everyone that came out, thanks to Arbor for having us, and thanks to Paul Heran and Sammy Spiteri for driving all that Rainier Beer down in a U-Haul from way up north! See you at the next one!

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