For eight issues a year, The SNOWBOARDER Magazine editorial staff labors to entertain thousands upon thousands of readers. How do we do it? For the most part, it’s all based upon our opinions. We choose photos based upon the merits of quality, style and trick, yet those merits are determined by someone’s opinion. Every literary whim. Every if, and or but is reflective of the individual laying claim to the byline.

So what does talk of opinion have to do with the Rider of the Year issue? EVERYTHING.

This issue is the result of a season of research. Every contest our staff went to, every video our staff popped into a VCR and every magazine we opened became material to ponder, note and hold as evidence.

After formulating five personal opinions, we melded them into one. For one week we debated, testified and agreed upon a list—SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s opinion, if you will. The following is the culmination of a year spent ingesting anything related to snowboarding. These are the riders who have consistently stepped onto the hill and ridden harder, better and with more style, skill and finesse than their peers. We know this from video, film, print and first hand testimonial.

1. Kevin Jones
2. Bjorn Leines
3. Jussi Oksanen
4. Chad Otterstrom
5. JP Walker
6. Ross Powers
7. Romain de Marchi
8. Jason Murphy
9. Jeremy Jones
10. Peter Line