Snowboarding On The Beach? Erik Roner Rail Jam Hits Huntington Beach

Right down the road from the famed U.S. Open of Surfing going down in Huntington Beach last week, the salt water turned to snow as the “Live Like Roner” best trick jam went off just off the Pacific Coast Highway. The event was put on to benefit the charity being set up in Roner’s name after tragically passing away in 2015 to support other families of action sports athletes in their greatest time of need. Highlighted by Travis Pastrana jumping out of a plane and Bear local Lenny Mazzotti jumping off the scaffolding supports, it was definitely a sight to see. We caught up with Lenny Mazzotti to see what it was like snowboarding in +80 temps on the beach he grew up on.

p: Gabe Negron

Ok, so, what happened last weekend? You were snowboarding on a beach, as we understand?
Lenny: Yeah, honestly it was crazy. We were hit up about doing some boarding for Erik Roner from Nitro Circus, and of course all of us were super down. It was on Huntington Beach… we got there, and it was exactly that. It was a big get together with all his friends for the "Live Like Roner" charity. There were pit bikes riding around, a few people sky dived in, and then there was a snowboarding and skiing contest going on.

Alright, and you're from Huntington Beach, right?
Yeah. My family's from there and I was born in Orange County so I would go down there all the time in the summer and hang out.

Pretty odd to be riding there?
It was really weird because I've been down that road, Bolsa Chica, all the time, right off the Pacific Coast Highway. I used to go swim right down the street and to actually be there to snowboard in snowboard gear, walking with my snowboard, was just confusing. You know what I mean?

Mike Gray. p: Gabe Negron

Pretty sweaty?
I fell in a bunch of puddles, I had my white t-shirt on, so it was a very sensual thing, but, yeah. I don't know if I was sweating. It was definitely hot.

How about a suntan?
I got sunburnt. I'm a ginger so I was fried.

What was the temp?
The temperature? I have no clue. I just know there was sun, like usual, and I was wearing a lot of sunscreen.

Would you technically consider it sandboarding?
No, It was definitely snowboarding. I would say the sand and the beach everywhere were very conflicting, but for the most part yeah, it was 100% snowboarding.

Cool. Did any sand get on the course? That's my last sand question.

Were you afraid of ending up on Kook of the Day? For holding a snowboard and the U.S. Open of Surfing happening so close? Explain the setup real quick.
Lenny: So, it was a 30ft drop in with an 8ft gap in the the beginning of it, and then it went into just like a casual flat bar and a flat box with creepers on the side. Myself, Brandon Davis and Drayden were kind of just messing around with the drop in for the most part. It was the probably the most fun feature because it was something you weren't expected to do at the beach with all that speed and with the features after.

Cool. And then riders, who all was there?
Yeah, Tim Humphreys, Matt Williams, Mike Gray, Drayden Gardner, Brandon Davis… there was a few people for sure, it was cool.

For the world to know, what did you win best trick with? Congrats, by the way!
Thank you. I think it's for – I hit the down rail on the side of the scaffolding, which wasn't meant to be hit as a rail, because I got hit up even by the people who built the scaffolding, and they said that was very idiotic and dangerous of me, but I'm glad I'm ok.

Were you afraid Travis would win best trick for jumping out of the plane?

What did you win?
A Yamaha 110 pit Bike.

Like a little tiny bike?
Yeah, a little tiny pit dirt bike, and I haven't done anything other than ride that thing since I got it.

Send us a photo of you riding that for sure. (Lenny is still riding the bike and has yet to take a photo) Did Nitro Circus offer you a job after you won best trick at their event?
No, but I was trying to go on the plane and go skydiving even though I've never done it.

What was the reaction when you hit the drop-in bar.
That it was really wobbly it was not meant to slide. And then, Gabe missed the first photo, and he told me to do it again, and I knew that's when things could get dangerous.

Well, we are glad it didn't.
Yeah, I was stoked.

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