Snowboy Productions’ Holy Bowly 2016 – Day 3 Photos


words: Mary Walsh
photos: E-Stone, Mary Walsh, and Danny Kern

The photos above showcase brief moments of the action that has been going down on hill. The first edit of our video coverage of the 2016 event provides a deeper view into the past few days. But beyond the butters, the airs, the Miller flips, back threes, and high speed carving, there’s a deep appreciation for what makes the Holy Bowly such a beloved event in snowboarding’s winter calendar. While it may be the berms, bumps, boobs, hips, and volcanoes that shine brightly in photo and video, for the attendees, the crew is just as important as the course and the vibe created by all of it together, fostered by Snowboy Productions’ and Bowly creator, Krush Kulesza and brought to life in 2016 by Krush, Mammoth Unbound, Lib Tech, and Monster Energy, is what really makes this week of transitional snowboarding tick. As the third day of this epic week wound down, we touched base with just a few of the riders who have been ripping the course up from 10am-3pm daily, and then putting shovel and rake to snow to repair their marks from 3-4pm every afternoon. What is it that makes the Holy Bowly just so awesome, direct from the snowboarders who contribute to said awesomeness with every turn they make. (For captions today, we’ve included the riders’ Instagram names, for more Holy Bowly, give these guys a follow.)

“For one, the crowd of people. All the homies from everywhere are here and you get to see people that you haven't seen in a long time. And then the course, obviously. It's insane, there's tranny everywhere. It's probably like the biggest rhythm section I've ever seen in my life—it definitely is. I'm a big fan of the hip that's been going off. That's been pretty sick. Also the channel gap, going straight over the top has been super cool. And of course, all the nipples.” – Jaeger Bailey

“I think it's because it's run by Krush, who understands snowboarding and he invites a good group of riders. It's people who all ride together a lot and enjoy getting together. Then, we're riding something different and unique so it's really a new experience for everyone.
My favorite thing I have been riding is probably the hip.” – Chris Brewster

“There's no pressure, just people doing what they want to do. Sometimes at other events like contests and things like that, I kind of feel like I have to do some crazy stuff and I feel under pressure, but not here. It's just having fun. It's been great. It's so cool to see everybody and see the different lines people are doing, getting creative and going big.” – Jesse Paul

“'Cause at Holy Bowly you can catch air, grab and stab, and you can butter. You don't have to hit an aerial ski jump. It's really hard to find a line, but when you do, it's very tite, and I don't know, there's a bunch of dope homies here.
The slush, man.” – Deadlung

“Holy Bowly is sick. There is a bunch of cool people, no real jocks. This ain't a contest. There's no prize money, so nobody gets weird. Just a bunch of fuckin' tranny. You just go really, really fast, try not to kill people, hopefully not get killed and the best shit's just all the tranny.” – Chris Bradshaw

“I think Holy Bowly is rad because you get to hit everything and anything with all your friends in a train or not in a train, this way, that way, all the ways.” – Nirvana Ortanez

“I mean mainly, Holy Bowly is just fuckin' awesome. It's people that I've worked with camp at through the years, and in general people that I've met via snowboarding and I don't see them often and it brings us all together. It's funny when we were just going through [slipping]—when you stop in the middle you're like, " I don't know where I am." (laughs) When you're riding, you juts go, go, go, and you never stop. It's hard to figure out a line, but once you do, you've got it. And it's hard to jump off of that line and then once you do jump off of that, it's like, I could do this for two months and probably have a new line every day.” – Chris Beresford

“I think it's awesome because there are all these people you don't really get to see that much all in once place and everybody's shoveling and working together. It's fun. The hip has been awesome. Definitely feeling a little sore from it. Everything's awesome. Yesterday I was just hitting that hip and then today I was just trying to find some new lines and weird little trannies and stuff. Every single day you can find something completely different.” – Andrew Brewer

“Well for me, I think just at the end of the day, watching everyone come together and keep the park together and keep it shaped really nice. And then just watching everybody ride it is really, really cool. It's unreal. I can't imagine how long it took and all the work that went into this one. We come from a pretty small place and the amount of work that went into it is insane.” – Luke Mathison

“Just the gathering. I like the road to Holy Bowly. It's kind of like a pilgrimage. And you just get to follow where everyone's coming from and then you meet up. There's just almost too many friends and too many people to hang out with, but I like it. [In the DWD crew], we have I think 12 or 15 people and it's really good. They've been going off all day. It started fast, it ended fast and that's just how it's rolling.” – Jeff Keenan

“It's rad because you get to ride something that you pretty much can't ride anywhere else on the planet. And you get it ride it with a bunch of friends that you never see that come together. My favorite part? Maybe the little island of tiny boobs. That one or the bottom volcano, I like those two. Super sick.” – International Hairstyle Visionary, Freddy Perry

“The Holy Bowly is such a rad event because I've never seen anything like this built out of snow before and that's really cool. Hopefully it sets a precedent for more terrain parks to mix it up a little bit more. Doing trains is the most fun way to approach the Holy Bowly, because then you just rip with all your friends. You rip a line and then if someone follows and you almost hit 'em, it's really exciting and it's really fun and you find different lines and you all have fun together and it's really great. Collective, community fun.” – Sean Black

“I like how many different options there are throughout the run. It never gets old. It's been pretty mind blowing watching everyone to see how different people snowboard differently throughout the Holy Bowly course. I'm definitely a big fan of the volcanos because there's multiple ways to snowboard on the them.” – Brady Lem

“The Holy Bowly it brings out the best people in snowboarding to just have a good time. It's not a contest. There's no expectations; just come out and ride. If you want to do butters all day, you can do that. If you want to do the biggest gap you can find, you can do that, too. It's sick. And everybody's killing it, so you get juiced on everyone. You see something and you're like "Oh my god, I just saw that, I'm going over here and doing this." It's insane. I've been asking Krush to start a circuit. I'm trying to go on tour.” – Nial Romanek

“Holy Bowly is a really cool event because all of your favorite snowboarders are in one place at one time riding the sickest park ever.” – Erik Leon

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