Photos: Kyle Kennedy
Words: Max von Marbod

It was erie. No one on the road ahead or behind us as we drove up Stevens Pass. The road turned from bare wet, to slush, and on to packed snow in less than 5 miles. Rounding the final turn into the Stevens Pass parking lot we hit the gas drifted a bit and landed in our parking spot. Right up front. We were among the first to arrive on opening day! The forecast read 48″ of base with 8 inches of new overnight but the way it was snowing, I think it must have deposited an inch on the car in the time it took to put our shred gear on. This season’s opening days in the Northwest will go down in the books as the best anyone can remember. Chris and Nate at Stevens Pass meet up with us, high fives exchanged, promises of future riding days made together, and the friends start to filter in. The list of opening-day crew sightings reads deep:

– Blue Montgomery and Joel Frasier of Capita – breaking in their Charlie Slashers
– Ryan, Stefan, Colby, Kevin, and Mango – The Spacecraft Ninjas
– Brandon, Quatuu, and the Burton crew
– Dan, Kaiser, Jeff, and Myself representing POW Gloves – “Product Testing”
– Molly Hawkins and Chis Shabot of Evo fame
– Brandon and Sickels from Ride
– Kyle Kennedy from Snowboarder Mag here to document the day.
-Along with NW shred legends Monty Hayes, Eric Shaefer, and Austin Hironaka came ready to throw down..

First run jitters give way to powder windmills and everyone meets back in line with powder mustaches, steamy goggles and lots of heavy mouth breathing. …Or was it just me? Opening day and it already feels like January in the Northwest! Gonna be a great season up here. Big thanks to Chris, Nate and the whole Stevens Pass staff for delivering the finest opener we’ve seen in a long time. Still snowing….