Sebastian Toutant wins the title of 2009 Grandmaster at Stylewars, Fall Creek and takes over the #1 spot on the TTR tour. In competition, Toutant was in a league of his own, throwing down several Double Cork 10s, and even stomping a flawless Double Cork 12 – his first ever in competition. In claiming the Stylewars Grandmaster title, Toutant takes home a cash prize of $7000.

Sebastian Toutant wins Grandmaster title and becomes the world’s youngest rider to go into the number 1 in the world position on the TTR World Tour and Mikkel Bang wins best trick with a switch back 12.

Charles Reid and Seb Toots Share the Stairmaster 2009 title.

2009 Stylewars Falls Creek Results:

1. Sebastian Toutant
2. Mikkel Bang
3. Charles Reid
4. Eric Willett
5. Sage Kotsenburg