words: Mary Walsh

While "warm up laps" aren't exactly in the lexicon of Superpark, the first day of the esteemed annual event is generally spent seeking out lines and sending right away. The builds of this end-of-season park event are always large in scale, but generally a size that is attainable to get a general feel for in a single day. Not so at Superpark 21 at Mammoth Mountain; Mammoth's prolific snow year, coupled with the pushing prowess of the five build crews, Mammoth, Loon, Carinthia at Mount Snow, Seven Springs, and Boreal made for ideal conditions to create what is likely Superpark's most massive park to date. Which is to say that the build crews of Superpark 21 outdid themselves. Around each and every turn down the fall lines beneath Chair 10 and Chair 4 opens up another set of SP20 features, from the Helltrack 2.0 down to the Mill base area, rails zones nestled within side trails, below-snow-level in-ground rhythm sections in both Loon and Mammoth's zones, Carinthia's tree trunk stall, rideable transition and line options packed into every large feature, and so many berms, rollers, step-downs, step-overs it seems plausible to uncover new hits on every lap. So not only was the slew of snowboarders dialing in tricks on already discovered areas on day two, they were discovering new hits and lines continuously.

In the morning, Brock Crouch, Zach Normandin, Tyler Flanagan, Tim Humphreys, Zach Normandin, Takeru Otsuka, and a crew sent the first airs over the double-take off'ed Boreal tree jump. In the woods below, Johnny O'Connor, Jordan Small, Christian Hobush, Pat Fava, Buzz Holbrook, and Jonathan McDonald were hiking the Boreal rails. DC Team riders, Iikka Backstrom, Anto Chamberland, Jordan Morse, Brady Lem, Windham Miller, and Justin Fronius lapped the in-ground rhythm sections, popping out of the lower level snow transition. Miles Fallon, Jed Sky, Max Lyons and a small group hiked the Carinthia rails. In early afternoon, the Loon Arrowhead jump went off and at the end of the day, a pack again coagulated in the Loon Mountain artery, most dropping into the rider's right QP on the Arrowhead jump, though Brock Crouch, Kix Kamp, and Oliver Dixon opened up the rider's left side. Kazu Kokubo and Austin Hironaka were taking the line even less traveled and crushing coping from right-to-left.

As the afternoon turned into evening and the lifts stopped turning, a small group of riders climbed into cats and headed back uphill, setting their sights on Carinthia's Swiss Army jump, a multi-faceted behemoth with five take offs. As the sun set over the Eastern Sierra, Brandon Davis, Red Gerard, Brock Crouch, Craig Gouweloos, Nik Baden, Luke Winkelmann, Tim Humphreys, and more closed down the second day of the 21st iteration of Superpark. All bets are off for what will go down the next three days, so stay tuned to @snowboardermag and Snowboarder.com for photos and videos direct from Mammoth Mountain, California.

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