Superpass Waterville 63 2

Our winner for the day, Merrick Joyce. Killing it the whole day. P: Laura Austin

Words & Photos: Laura Austin

Do you know how difficult it is to try to do a write-up for a slopestyle competition while one of the biggest nights in Hollywood is going on? Who am I kidding, I don't really even pay attention to pop culture anyway. All that aside, today the Superpass event went down in Waterville Valley, NH. Normally when you wake up and look at the window to see fresh powder on the ground it's a good thing, but when a slopestyle contest is on your agenda… maybe not so much.

Superpass Waterville 08

Taste the rainbow. P: Laura Austin

Luckily the powdery conditions didn't slow the competitors down too much. And as Avert Guldemond, Superpass Event Director, mentioned in these contests it is more about quality than quantity, and that was definitely the case in Waterville, New Hampshire as the event showcased some of the top talent coming out of the area, and some of the best riders we have seen thus far in the Superpass series. Leading the pack was Merrick Joyce with a 720 into a cab 900 taking both 1st place and best trick that day. Other names you might recognize who were sprinkled throughout the competition were Nick Julius, Brandon Honeycutt, and Jack Herald just to name a few.

Superpass Waterville 14 3

One of the few instances when you can

Huge thanks to the park staff and Waterville Valley for for hosting the event…Volcom, Electric, High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Capita for providing prizes and support… and of course Mother Nature for allowing me to have a few pow runs after the competition was over. See you at the next Superpass stop at Bear Mountain on March 19th. For more info check out our Superpass Post.

Superpass Waterville 21 3

This kid Jesse Flies competed in the Powder Ridge Superpass then flew all the way from Minnesota to compete in this one. That's dedication. R: Jesse Flies. P: Laura Austin

Superpass Waterville Valley 2011 Results
1st – Merrick Joyce
2nd – Alex Rodway
3rd- Brendon Hart

Best Trick- Merrick Joyce

Superpass Waterville 31 2

New Hampshire's state moto is

Superpass Waterville 16 2

Does this photo remind you of Michael Jackson? P: Laura Austin

Superpass Waterville 26

If you ever see DVS Team Manager, Ricky Melnick, ask him about the time he was follow caming Jamie Anderson. R: Merrick Joyce. P: Laura Austin

Superpass Waterville 33

Grabbing tail. P: Laura Austin

Superpass Waterville 50

No Lauren, Audrina, and Heidi do not live in the background of this photo. P: Laura Austin

Superpass Waterville 44

Normally a scorpion is something you don't want to do on a snowboard. This may be an exception. P: Laura Austin

Superpass Waterville 52

Drugs were not required to create this stiffy. R: Alex Rodway. P: Laura Austin

Superpass Waterville 60

What if the winner of Superpass was chosen by text votes? Nevermind, that would be a horrible idea. P: Laura Austin

Superpass Waterville 53

This kid has a lot of expectiations to live up to with a last name like that. R: Jesse Flies. P: Laura Austin

Superpass Waterville 64

Going out on a limb. R: Alex Rodway. P: Laura Austin

Superpass Waterville 70

The winners. (L to R) Alex Rodway, Merrick Joyce, and Brendon Hart.