Wyatt Caldwell scoring some blower. The snow conditions around Thompson Pass are variable but there is pow.

Photos & Captions: Jeff Hawe

Jeff Hawe is still at Tailgate Alaska crashin', slashin and cashin' in on the bounty that is white gold. Here he introduces his latest experiences in the Last Frontier.

“The snow here is good, its a low year for sure but a low year here is a good year anywhere else. Its still AK and the lines are still big as hell if not more intimidating with less snow. The weather has been the biggest hold up this year. There has yet to be a full blue day since Tailgate kicked off this year. Resulting in riders waiting in camp, booted up so as to be ready to take advantage of the small windows of sun that do roll through. And when it is socked in there are plenty of creative distractions to occupy ones mind and keep them from getting cabin fever to bad. The King Of The Hill competition is slated to take place this week so stay tuned for the action from that.” – Jeff Hawe


Pinner line pointed by Chris Coulter. Iffy weather no problem, a vet like Chris knows to stick to lines in the rocks so as to be able to ride and see.


Tailgate die-hard Ben Fagan roosting in the late day sun. A savvy shred gypsy, Ben scores more days like this than many pros.

tailgate 0561

Skid row, aka the Tailgate strip. The muddy half mile road is temporary home to a few hundred big line hungry shreds.


Kyle Miller opens up after the choke and digs in. Making the most of a not so sunny day.


Riders have come from all over the world for Tailgate. Cali is not a foreign place but this group certainly rolled in style up here.


Dan Van is a legend in the Valdez mountain crowd. He lives life all out Alaskan style, and rides some heavy peaks.


Late night crowd at the Doug Coombs memorial party held every season in honor of fallen skiers and boarders. The party is one of the best ways to get out and mingle with people in the Valdez area outside of Tailgate.


Aaron Robinson sending it all natural. A-Rob is an unofficial ambassador for tailgate, and well loved around here.


Hana Beaman air fakie while trying not to be eaten by the massive glacier she is airing on. One has gotta be creative to make shred when the weather is not so great.