01. Practice your bird hunting game and shoot some skeet. Hana Beaman and her season long counterpart Steven Kilzer team up to blast some clay pigeons.

Words & Photos: Jeff Hawe

Going to Alaska pretty much means one will experience the inevitable down days. When the clouds close in on the peaks and all the amazing lines become a milky sea of white. Unfortunately this AK season has provided many cloudy days filled with waiting for a short window of light to charge up in and try to score a line worth going home to brag about. There are some shred options on these days, and even more options to waste the days away with idle activities. The beauty of Tailgate is that they provide a long list of activities and social engagements for the inevitable grey day. Here is a top ten list of ways to pass time while waiting for the bluebird to return.


02. Hang out at Magpies bakery and drink some Ravens Brew coffee while eating Maggie's delicious baked goods. Rob Kingwill, Iris Lazzareschi, and Kyle Miller know its good.


03. Take part in one of the many backcountry safety classes organized by tailgate. Here ABA guide Dave demonstrates how to save your buddies life if they fall into a crevasse on the glacier.


04. Ride the park features built at camp. The spine Tim Humphries is hitting is not visible, just imagine trying to rip a line in light like that.


05. Go explore a glacier ice cave with your friends. This is something you must be careful doing but it is a cool experience. Hana Beaman, Chase Madison, and Kyle Miller test the ice.


06. Play some Alaskan High Ball ping pong, a Tailgate original. Ricky Bauer gets into it with camp media specialist Beaver.


07. You can always go for it anyway and put yourself on top of the mountain and just wait for the weather to break, it probably will not work. Kyle Miller, Sam Woolf, Steven Kilzer and Hana Beaman dig in and try to shelter themselves from the storm.


08. Read a book in the tent, certainly the safe and relaxing option. Joe Weber spends the morning catching some surf tales.


09. AK, fireworks and Whiskey go well together. Since this is not a safe practice Tailgate cannot condone it, but it works well to entertain on the down days.


10. When you have gone through the list and done it all, and it still has not broke blue then you gotta get desperately creative. Paul Henderson decided some creative grooming was the way to entertain him self in camp.