words and photos: JP Walker

I took a trip Avoriaz, France to ride some powder and film for 2032. We spent a almost two weeks there hiking and riding power and also hitting some roof jibs in the village. The snow heated up, so we drove Austria to look for some better conditions. We hiked there for a about a week until the heat hit there, too. We got a random invitation around the same time to visit Bulgaria for some street riding and decided to go for it. We spent about a week there traveling south, looking for spots and then back to the capital for a few day to explore the city. After that, everyone parted ways and started their journeys back home. I stopped in Paris for a few days on the way for some tourist activities before heading back to the US. It was exactly a month I since I left for France when I finally got back home. It was an awesome trip, though, and we met lots of amazing people a rode some amazing spots. It's been a strange year for snow this season, but looking for it has taken me to some crazy places.