words and photos: JP Walker

Summer shred '16. I started off with a trip back up to Whistler to ride at Camp of Champions. The park was super fun, the weather was perfect and Whistler got a new skatepark. When we weren't riding, we either spent the day at a lake cooling down, hiking through the rain forest or camping. I stayed with Blair McKinney in Brittania Beach and we day tripped it to Whistler every day and even down to Vancouver to skate the new Ambleside park a few times. The glacier had more snow on it this year and waterfalls had a lot more punch. I was there for Canada Day and we spent the night in the mountains above Squamish to watch the fireworks.

Next, I hit up Woodward Copper next for the VG session with Scott Stevens, Joe Sexton and Brandon Cocard. This year they doubled the size of their park and had tons of sick features. They even had a giant surf wave box and the whole camp was Hawaiian-themed, complete with music and beach lounge chairs. We rode everyday and filmed for a VG edit and when when we weren't snowboarding, we were filming antics at the mini golf course or at the Woodward barn on the trampolines and foam pits. We went hard everyday form the moment we woke up until we went to sleep. i=I haven't seen the edit yet but it should be amazing. Already looking forward to next summer at Woodward and Camp of Champions.

Stay tuned for the VG Woodward edits dropping on Snowboarder.com tomorrow through Sunday.