words: T. Bird
photos: T. Bird, Ryan “Huggy” Hughes, Mike Yoshida, E-Stone, and Aaron Blatt

While yesterday brought with it high winds, zero visibility and snow showers, day two of The Launch presented by Volcom at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania couldn't have been more the opposite and in turn, the riding was equally as amazing as the sunny skies, fifty-degree temps and zero wind.

The morning kicked off with a group of groms lapping the transfer jump at the bottom of the hill. Reid Smith, Red Gerard, Judd Henkes, Brock Crouch and a contingent of tykes were sending it up and over the gutted-out channel, sixty-feet through the air and over to the steep landing on the other side. Imagine a regular-sized human hitting a 110-foot channel gap, and that's pretty much the scale to which these kids were hucking their meat. The jump line was going off as well as the other Launch participants were testing out the speed for the afternoon session, but first, the Seven Springs Industrial Parkway (formerly known as The Streets) was primed up by Joel and Jeremy and the rest of the Seven Springs builders for a live webcast of the setup.

Over two dozen riders gathered at the top of the course and the webcast went live, as SNOWBOARDER movie riders Garrett Warnick, Sam Taxwood, Spencer Schubert, Hans and Nils Mindnich lapped alongside talent like Jason Anderson, Trevor Eichelberger, Tony Wagner, Red Gerard, Reid Smith, Kyle Kennedy, and Miles Fallon. It was an intermingling of incredible jibbers with every variation of rail trick imaginable landed and the viewers of the webcast seemed stoked on the final product.

The afternoon session on the jump line was ridiculous as the weather continued to hold blue and everyone knew that it was go time. Ben Ferguson and Taylor Gold stole the show at sunset with a few doubles hits while earlier in the day it was riders like Brandon Davis, Kyle Mack, Sam Taxwood, Chase Josey, Hunter Wood, Spencer Whiting, Emil Ulsletten, Seamus O'Connor, Grant Giller and a slew of others who were hucking their meat over the gigantic stepdowns. Tomorrow's webcast will be on the double line so if you tune in at 1pm EST you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about.

The Launch Presented by Volcom is just getting started and we have two whole days of shooting up on Seven Springs left, so make sure you tune into the webcast and check the photo galleries and videos to come in the next few days to bear witness to the next generation of snowboarding superstars.

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