Last Friday night Westbeach hosted the official book launch of “Out West: Snowboarding, Westbeach, and a New Canadian Dream” by Dano Pendygrasse at the Red Bull Lounge in Vancouver. Canadian snowboard legends such as Sean Johnson, Marc Morissett, Jay Balmer, TJ Schneider, Tyler Lepore, Alex Warbuton, Murray Siple, and a gazzilion others were there to celebrate Canadian shred history. Pics from the book were on display, a photo booth was on hand, and one of the Underexposed Westbeach Heritage Videos was played.

Don’t forget you can buy the book for $15 CAD at all Westbeach dealers & online at http://westbeach.com/store-outwest-book.asp.

You can view the first chapters online at http://30.westbeach.com/2009/10/02/chapter-one-of-the-book-here/