Windells 2013 – Session 6 photos & recap


The Technine Team rolls in deep in Windells Camp

August 4, 2013

Another session is in the books at Windells Camp! It's crazy to think that Windells campers, staff and visiting pros are spending the month of August snowboarding on Mt. Hood. Session 6 saw the return of the Technine Team Takeover, with the likes of Lucas Magoon, Chris Bradshaw, Dylan Thompson, Andrew Brewer, Luke Haddock, Nick Poochoff, Ben Bilodeau, Zander Blackmon, Brady Larson and Masaki Toda. Campers were treated to some of the best riding on hill as well as the most fun activities seen all summer long.

Once again Chase Weaver and the Windells Diggers built another mind blowing park filled with endless lines and creative features. Technine hosted a Jersey Barrier Jam where campers did their best to emulate Chris Bradshaw by ollieing and nollieing the barrier. All session long the Technine team was turning heads left and right with next level tricks on every feature in the park. The highlight of the session was watching Lucas Magoon shiver, roll and bonk his way throughout the park with some of the most unique lines of the summer.

Back at camp, Technine hosted several activities hooking campers up with tons of gear. This session we saw the return of the infamous Technine powdered donut eating contest, which always ends in a plume of powdered sugar. Also, the Technine team held a product toss where they surprised campers by bombarding them with water balloons and super soakers while tossing out product.

The last snow session of the summer, Session 7, is only days away with the Ipath snowboard and skate team coming to camp for their Team Takeover. Stevie Bell, Lucas Debari, Kevin Kowalski and Shuriken Shannon are coming to camp to kill it both on and off hill. Stay tuned to, facebook and instagram for more updates throughout the summer.