Woodward Tahoe summer update


words and photos by Danny Kern

Winch propelled slip and slide, asphalt pumptrack loop, thirteen-foot halfpipe, the pill, full campus relay races, super tramp high jump contest…hands down, Woodward Tahoe needs to chyll out for a minute. Since the opening of session one on June 17th, Woodward Tahoe's summer camp program has been in full force. Along with a plethora of activities, the camp has provided on snow coaching and riding for the past three weeks.

Guest pros have been flowing through camp each week putting on competitions and handing out product. After a day of filming and boarding with the campers, the visiting pros took advantage of the bunker and outside activities. During session one, the Nitro team provided the campers with enthusiastic days on and off hill. Snowboarder Mag and Bjorn Leines stopped in for session two, along with Arbor’s Scotty Vine and Sammy Spiteri. Ryan Hughes and John Cavan gave digital media campers a private lesson on their experiences in the industry, while other pros traveled back in time to the days when they were once lil youngins…only this time they were tossing out free swag to hungry little campers

For Session 3, Think Thank boarders Brandon Reis, Mitch Richmond, and Nial Romanek showed campers how to get creative and innovative throughout the park and in the 13-foot stunt ditch where many variations of plants and surf style slashes took place.

Snowboarding will continue throughout the summer on Woodward's innovative park-boards that utilize roller wheels to launch campers into foam pits and onto resi pads. Skateboard, BMX, and digital-media camps are also in full swing until August 17th.