SNOWBOARDER Magazine Rider of the Year 2017: #8 – Mark McMorris

SNOWBOARDER Magazine Rider of the Year 2017: Webisode

Mark McMorris

Mark McMorris

Mark McMorris at Dew Tour

Men’s Rider Of The Year #8 Mark McMorris. P: Mike Yoshida

DOB: 12/9/93 || Stance: Regular

It’s hard enough to make this list if a rider stays healthy all season, but injury usually means that when your winter is over, so are your chances to make the top ten. Unless your name is Mark McMorris. Halfway through last contest season, McMorris look to be in rare form, and well on his way to competitive domination, but in February at the Air and Style Los Angeles, things took a massive turn for the worse when Mark landed a frontside triple cork 1440 but when he was riding away, his edge hooked in some snow and with his body contorting in a very unusual way, he broke his femur. But Mark was already sitting on a heavy stack of footage as well as two huge wins at the Dew Tour and the X Games and a second place at the Beijing Air & Style, and if that injury hadn’t happened, it seems that the LA Air & Style might have been a continuation of his dominance. However, while Mark was down, he was not out and while he was rehabbing, he dropped The Process, a web series that showcased Mark’s ability on a snowboard as well as a glimpse into his life off of it. To top it all off, Mark became a rider with the coveted title of starring in his very own video game, with Mark McMorris Infinite Air, and ironically, it’s been said that watching him snowboard is very much like playing a video game, so Mark was a perfect fit. Currently, Mark is the face of snowboarding to the mainstream, and he’s also a darling to the core, as the voting pool gave McMorris much respect for his efforts throughout the years, especially last winter. Chas Guldemond knows his way around the contest scene, and he rewarded McMorris’s dominance, by saying, “Mark had an insane contest season. Podium after podium after podium. Slopestyle is so competitive and to stay on top like he has over the last 3 years is pretty incredible. Cheers Mark; time to get a bigger trophy case!” Multi-time Women’s Rider of the Year also recognized what Mark did in such a short amount of time in the 2015/2016 season, exclaiming, “So many podiums once again, came back from broken leg, video series, his own video game…” And the list goes on, as it will continue to do for Mark, because at only 23 years of age, he’s set to stay on top for a long time and something tells us he will continue to change the way that people see snowboarding on many levels, including the levels of Infinite Air. Well done, Mark!

– T. Bird

Nils Arvidsson, Markus Keller and Austin Smith

P: Mike Yoshida

Mark’s talent is undeniable. The dude is pretty much unstoppable. He can go win a contest and come to the backcountry the next day and impress me just as much as anyone on their best day. – Mikey Rencz

Mark McMorris

P: Mike Yoshida

He stomped everything he tried last year. – Scotty Lago


Mark McMorris snowboarding

P: Mary Walsh

Mark McMorris snowboarding at Breckenridge

P: Mike Yoshida

Mark continued to dominate the contest circus. Considering where the level is at right now, that takes an enormous amount of skill. – Andreas Wiig

Mark McMorris Interview