Burton Presents

Portrait Photo: Adam Moran


Photo: Jeff Curtes

"The Jeremy and Mikkel part alone was hammer enough for me to earn it best web series."
- JP Walker


Photo: Phil Tifo


"Top shredding."
- Gigi Ruf

With next level action from the first click, "Burton Presents" has updated the traditional long form team video and full part model for the online generation. While other episodic releases focus on forcing a narrative or highlighting gratuitous travel adventures, "Burton Presents" pleases viewers the old school way: by letting the tricks do the storytelling, albeit within a new age medium. "Burton Presents" opened its second season with its most dramatic narrative to date: the culmination of Jussi Oksanen’s much-celebrated career. Though not acknowledged on-screen, there was still much talk of this being Jussi’s last appearance in front of the cameras as a professional snowboarder. Alongside Mikey Rencz, it is apparent that The Juice hasn’t lost any of the skill and hunger that catapulted him onto the shred cinema scene in the late 90s as a part of the Standard and Kingpin crews and carried him to superstar status on screen for Mack Dawg and Robot Food in the new millennium.

While Ethan Diess quite literally does his part to help "Burton Presents" deliver on wall-to-wall action and Mark Sollors solidifies his place as one of snowboarding’s true ATV annihilators, perhaps the best example of what "Burton Presents" delivers on is seen in the Jeremy Jones and Mikkel Bang full part. Mikkel can take any trick and somehow make it look better seemingly without trying. His style is simply that good. He has defied the stigma of tall guy steeze and then some. His execution of a classic method spontaneously sprocked while gliding amongst some BC glades, as captured in all its 4k glory with assistance from a MOVI gimble, is enough to make even the most devout Jamie Lynn superfan say, "Damn." Mikkel’s part is juxtaposed with the efforts of jibbing’s veteran journeyman Jeremy Jones who continues to reinvent urban riding after nearly two decades on the grind. A spackling of ultra-aesthetic backcountry clips, including some Müller-esque McTwists and alley-oops, as well as a perfect au naturel knuckle dragger, breaks up Jeremy’s one-foot fast-planting and wallriding onslaught.

Of course what appears onscreen is only part of the "Burton Presents" production. Bryan Knox, Billy Anderson, Corey Koniniec, Gabe L’Heureux, Justin Eeles, Tim Manning, Aaron Leyland, Kirk Bereska and the rest of the "Burton Presents" team deserve their due for creating SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s 2015 Webisode of the Year.

Action Photo: Adam Moran