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Name: Jess Kimura D.O.B.: 5/25/1984 Stance: Regular Sponsors: Monster Energy, CAPiTA, Electric, Union, Coal, Celtek Instagram: @danger_p Facebook: Jess Kimura Plans for 2015/2016: Film a banger part for the Union team movie. Photo: Kealan Shilling

"She rides hard and charges." - Romain De Marchi

Kelly Clark

Photo: Kealan Shilling

"Her part was epic " - Leanne Pelosi

"Great video part." - Ross Powers

Jess Kimura

When Jess Kimura’s opener segment in Think Thank’s Right Brain, Left Brain was released in 2010, the hard work and easy style present in her part immediately warranted the BC-based Kimura well-deserved respect. Since then, Jess has continued to command a fluency in the streets and added to her oeuvre by spending more and more time in the backcountry. Armed with her snowboard and prolific filmer Karla “Dykeboy” Charlton, during the 2015 season Jess collected the footage that would not only become the sole female contribution to The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD but that would convince a jury of her peers, who also happen to be the best snowboarders in the world, to deem her section Women’s Video Part of 2015. Fellow urban assailant and CAPiTA team member, Dan Brisse puts it succinctly, “Jess destroyed it,” and the sentiment is echoed by Olympian and halfpipe legend, Ross Powers who commented that Kimura had a “great video part.” Kimura’s dedication to stack the most respectable footage and ability to film clips that universally impress is due to a dedication to her craft; she harbors a rarely-matched work ethic and an affinity at technical style. Says Lukas Huffman, “Yeah after year, Jess keeps blowing me away. We all know she's the best, but what makes her even better is that she doesn't stop progressing. You can see that in the tricks she's doing and the style she does them with. She has so much.” Jess has a way of putting 100% of herself on the line at each and every spot she hits, whether kinked steel or deep powder, she leaves a lasting mark that resonates with the general consciousness of snowboarding and at the rate that Jess puts together clips, there is plenty more where these shots came from.