Danny Davis interview

Danny Davis

Danny Davis

Mammoth Mountain, CA. P: Blotto

How did you hear about the film and how did you get involved to work on Resolution?

Pat Bridges and I have been always chatting about SNOWBOARDER Mag movies and I have always tried to make some time to film. This year I wanted to take a little less time with the contests to focus on filming and it happened to work out. Although I did more contests than I would have liked, I hope I have enough footage for a part!

How was your approach to filming for Resolution different from other projects you’ve worked on?

Well, as always, when you work with a new crew, I met new people and made new friends. I spent a lot of time with Kyle Schwartz and he fed me a lot of knowledge on the Tahoe backcountry, showing me spots and jumps that I will now be hitting forever. I got to ride a lot with riders outside of the Burton family, which was so fun. Blauvelt and Scott Blum. It was different as well, because you really had to be on it. Make some crews happen and motivate yourself to get with a film crew and get some shots. It put the season in my hands, which was new for me, and good for me.

Danny Davis

What were some of the highlights of your winter?

Tahoe days with some people I have always wanted to ride that area with. Mikkel, Blauvelt, McMorris, Blum. Deep days and low pressure. The grind of being tired after a few days and still pushing because the snow is so good. The poppy jump we built twice and I got two different sessions with two different rider crews on it and landed my first back rodeo seven. I never get to just try tricks on jumps, and fall, and fall, and land. Scaring myself jumping into landings that could be good or could be awful. A BIG highlight was just walking around Tahoe on foot, looking for things to plant. THE SPRING! The spring was so fun. We spent 3 days building this hip, it was a beast. It had the steepest landing that made it hard to hit. Building big transitions like that in the backcountry is the future. I can’t wait to explore this more. I would say the biggest highlight was getting out of the ditch and into a setting where I have less knowledge and forcing myself to do things I haven’t done before. And ultimately, getting to know Tahoe much more and knowing that I have an amazing playground of terrain right in my backyard.

Danny Davis

Lake Tahoe, CA. P: Jeff Curley

Max Warbington

What were some of the lowlights of your winter?

Not getting to film enough. Getting sucked into more contests and obligations than I had originally wanted to. I had envisioned doing 3 or 4 contests and ended up doing 6 or 7. And of course, I didn’t do well in any of them. Never really finding my contest stoke and groove.

What was the craziest thing you saw in the streets or the backcountry while filming?

I saw some of Mikkel’s shots from the winter. Fucking A. Everything he does to me is crazy. Front double 10 nose? Ridiculous

Are you happy with the amount of footage that you’re sitting on?

No and yes. I am stoked on a lot of shots from this winter but I want more, need more, let’s go get more!

Who was your main crew this winter?

Kyle Schwartz, filming master. And then anyone who could make it to Tahoe. Got to ride a lot with big Ferg and started my season off with Scotty Lago. I got split up from the crews so much though with the contest circuit. It gets tough to stay on a crew.

What are some snowboard films that resonate with you from before you were a pro snowboarder?

I watched a lot of Stand & Deliver in the beginning. The first videos I got were Technical Difficulties and The Resistance. From there I got into Full Metal Edges and anything Dan Kass or Lane Knaack was in.

What is it about contest riding that is most appealing to you?

Putting together runs and tricks that people want to see in contest riding. Having fun with it, making some money here and there, and getting to travel the world. Contest riding is a grind and you ride when it’s good or not. But what is most appealing to me is riding transition and halfpipes that are so good that you can’t find them like that anywhere else. The condition and quality of the X Games, Laax, Peace Park, and U.S. Open halfpipes are unreal. You just can’t find transition that gets that much attention or has that quality.

What is it about filming that is most appealing to you?

Freedom. The search to find something really fun. And most of the time what makes it is the unknown of what you can or will do on that feature. Hitting things others have found but hitting them differently. As well as riding different terrain everyday, not being in the same atmosphere, doing the same tricks is what really makes it for me. Expanding my riding.

Danny Davis

Danny Davis

Lake Tahoe, CA. P: T. Bird

Danny Davis

Do you think there is a way to balance both filming and competing in the same season like back in the day or do you think that you have to choose one over the other? Also, why?

I found it to be really challenging. But, I don’t think it is impossible to balance. I do think you need to be incredibly lucky with weather patterns and quality of snow when you are filming. Being able to just make the call and get to good snow quickly is a blessing. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Being 100-percent at contests is important too, and staying at 100-percent is tough to do. It’s a challenging thing to tackle, but look at Sparky (Mark McMorris). The kid is a champ when he has numbers on and is being judged. Then he quickly gets to filming and crushes it on some kickers in the backcountry. He is an animal, and that’s what you have to do to balance filming and competing. You have to be really hungry for it.

Obviously, you’re highly inspired by music. What are the main similarities you see between music and riding a snowboard?

I think the main similarities are that it’s an art, and you’re free to interpret and create art however you please. Everyone is different. There is no right or wrong way to do it. You may not be as good as that guy or that girl, and you may not be good at it at all. But, what matters is the way it makes you feel when you do it. The joy and the break from other things in life that it gives you. Music and snowboarding are similar because they are something the world has created to make life more enjoyable.

How did it feel to be able to film a bunch in Tahoe this winter?

Best thing that has happened in a while. I learned so much and it inspired me to learn more about the area and explore deeper and find more terrain. It’s endless in the Sierras. Just need Momma Nature to cooperate.

What was the vibe of the local scene up there?

The scene is finding north-facing snow that hasn’t been cooked. It gets hot quick. Lots of people working hard to find good snow.

Ultimately, what did you want to get out of this video part?

Knowledge. And to keep expanding on my skills in snowboarding. More snow surf, less snow training.