Frank April

Frank April

Frank April


Frank April

How did you hear about the film and how did you get involved to work on Resolution?

Pat Bridges talked to me about this project few years ago, and it fit really well because we just finished our project with Déjà Vu. It was a great experience.

How was your approach to filming for Resolution different from other projects you’ve worked on with Déjá Vu?

I was happy to film with new people and very honored to film with an incredible list of riders.

What were some of the highlights of your winter?

Hanging out with Harrison Gordon was my highlight. We probably drove 3,000 miles in my car together and he always has good stories. I thought he would sleep more for a co-pilot but he was good. It was good having him on a trip because he is kind of the opposite of me. He is really mellow and I have a lot of energy so that was a good combo!

Frank April

P: Huggy

What were some of the lowlights of your winter?

I took a very bad slam in Connecticut around the start of February and I thought I broke my arm but the doctor didn’t see anything, so I went straight from there to Ottawa and that was hard because I wasn’t really able to snowboard or shovel, so after 2 weeks I went to see my doctor in Québec and he told me I have a broken neck (C7) and 2 herniated disks. I kind of got lucky in my bad luck!

What was the craziest thing you saw in the streets or the backcountry while filming?

I didn’t see it but there was a really cool story I heard from the Arbor team and Brothers Factory. They woke up one morning and a stripper was on the couch because one of the guys brought back a stripper from the night before! And then they brought her to a spot and Ian Sams gap to frontside boardslid over her naked.

Frank April

Halifax, Nova Scotia. p: Huggy

Frank April

Are you happy with the amount of footage that you’re sitting on? you’re sitting on?

I am really happy with my footage. I only had a` small amount of time to film because of my injury, but I always would like more and more crazy stuff.

Who was your main crew this winter?

Louif Paradis, Chris Grenier, Harrison, Anto Chamberland, Colton Morgan, John Cavan, Oli Gagnon and Huggy. I also filmed with the Arbor crew for a few weeks.

You’ve touted your own abilities as a filmer. Did you log any clips behind the camera for Resolution?

I am sure we will see some of my footage in the movie, and all my shots are A-1 quality, hahaha!

If it wasn’t called Resolution, what would also be a good name for the film?

I never thought about other names because I like Resolution.

Who is leading the next generation of French Canadian riders?

The Headstones (Mammouth Durette, Seb Picard, Vincent Grandmaison and Max Desroches). I think they are really rad and really good at snowboarding.

What is the coolest part of being an X Games gold medalist?

Frank April

Are you stoked to have a Team Manager who shreds?

I love it. It’s cool to have a Team Manager who can shred and understand what is it to film a video part.

We coined the term “Franking” someone at a spot? How do you always seem to convince people to let you snowboard?

That is a good question but I think it’s because I worked in a restaurant for 10 years as a server and was dealing with all kinds of people, and I actually like to try my hardest to get more tries at a spot.

Frank April

Quebec, Canada. p: Cole Martin

Frank April

Quebec, Canada. p: Cole Martin

Frank April


Frank April

p: Huggy

Frank April

p: Huggy

Describe all of the tools that you roll around with in your truck for rail missions. Do you think you are the most prepared snowboarder out there?

I have a bunch of tools (ladder, winch, grinder, jigsaw, Skilsaw, bunch of shovels, etc.) but I am not close to having as many tools as Anto Chamberland. That guy has everything you could imagine.

What are some snowboard films that resonate with you and the Québecois crew from before you were a pro snowboarder?

Neoproto, Afterbang, Lame, Afterlame and 91 Words For Snow.

Describe how hard it can be to deal with an injury, not just physically, but mentally as well.

Physically it wasn’t that bad, I had to wear a neck brace for 3 months and it wasn’t that painful. But mentally sometimes it would be hard. I think I am good at convincing myself that it could be worse.

What was it like filming with the Resolution crew rather than your friends from Québec, as you’ve done the previous few winters?

It wasn’t that much different because I film with Chris and Louif most of the time and I have filmed with them for a while. But it was cool to go out with new filmers and Harrison and the Arbor crew.

Describe what it’s like filming in the streets with Chris Grenier.

Chris has a lot of energy and he is good at saying a bunch of shit so it is always entertaining.

Describe what it’s like filming in the streets with Louif Paradis.

It is great because he knows what he is doing. He is a hard worker and he doesn’t talk too much, so he is a good fit with me because I talk for two.

Do you have any superstitions when you’re out filming in the streets?

No, I just like to wake up early so we have enough daylight.

How many beers did you drink at Superpark 20?

Probably around 100, and I was calm on the drinking, haha.

What are your plans for next winter?

Next winter I am filming for the Arbor movie. They are making a 2-year project and they already started filming last winter so I am gonna film as much as I can and it’s gonna be sick to travel with the team.