Forest Bailey interview

Harrison Gordon

Harrison Gordon

L: Otaru, Japan. P: Mike Yoshida

How did you hear about the film and how did you get involved to work on Resolution?

Scott Blum had talked to me about it first but I didn’t think it was in the cards for myself until Kevin Stevenson started talking to me about it. I was all set to film with VG until Pat Bridges called me the night before Christmas. It was kind of a tough decision because I love VG and Justin Meyer has been a really good friend of mine for over 10 years, but ultimately, this was an opportunity to try something new so I said, “Fuck it, I’ll try it out.”

How was your approach to filming for Resolution different from other projects you’ve worked on?

My approach was the same as it usually is...right foot forward. Sometimes I go fakie or “switch” but generally, my approach is goofy footed.

What were some of the highlights of your winter?

Staying with Frank April and his wonderful girlfriend Sab. The dinners they would make! That was a big highlight. She is an amazing cook and Frank is one of the best hosts ever. Love you guys, thank you for letting me hang out! Another highlight would have to be hanging out with some new people who I’d never really traveled with, like Colton Morgan. I’ve been a fan of his snowboarding and filmmaking for a minute so it was cool to actually go on a couple trips with him. And of course heading to Japan was a highlight for me because I love sushi and ramen.

Harrison Gordon

What were some of the lowlights of your winter?

My first trip was to Québec, Canada on January 6th or 7th and when I arrived I had a very bad experience entering the country. They accused me of having drugs and held me in the questioning area for 2 hours before letting me go...not fun. The funny part was that during the screening process, while they were going through every single compartment of my luggage, they found a suspect baggy which was in a sticker pack given to me by Nick Dirks. The baggy contained 2 Tic Tacs and they thought it was drugs. Another low moment was in Japan when about a day into the trip the weather changed and turned to rain. Very sad for me indeed.

What was the craziest thing you saw in the streets or the backcountry while filming?

3 things stand out for me from this past season. One, Louif trying backside 270 to pretzels and in the process doing about 100 perfect back 270 to fakies. Also, his wallride to front lip. Two, Frank not knowing he had a broken neck and staying on a trip with us for about 5-6 days even though we all were telling him to go home and see a doctor. And then finally he tried a gap switch backside 270 with a broken neck, screamed the worst scream ever and drove home that night. Three, Scott in Japan was pretty fucking sick, I was a bit burnt on trying to ride the streets and Scott hadn’t really been on many trips so I was basically trying to help him get some shots and in the process, I got to watch one of my best buds kill it in his own unique way.

Harrison Gordon

Quebec, Canada. P: Oli Gagnon


Max Warbington

Are you happy with the amount of footage that you’re sitting on?

I never feel content with anything. It’s a race and everyone is hyping shit up so much during the process. I’m always just feeling like I wish we had more time.

Who was your main crew this winter?

I hung out with Frank the most. It was awesome because he really likes to take charge and make shit happen. I’ve never seen anyone as good at talking to police or random people wanting to kick us out of a spot. One cold night, we were shoveling for Louif’s wallride to front lip and it’s about 11pm on a Saturday. The cops came and we quickly hid the beers we were drinking while Frank approached the cop car and began to speak in French. I’m obviously thinking that we’re done and then all of a sudden Frank is on the cop’s cellphone speaking with someone like they’re old friends. He hands the phone back to the cop and they converse some more in French and then the cop gets back in his car and exits the parking lot. Apparently, Frank asked the cop to call the principal of the school and he happened to have his number, so Frank explained his side of the story to the principal, which was that we were professionals and we’d clean everything up. He gave the principal his word that there would be no damage done and he’d never know we were there and the principal trusted Frank and told the cops to leave us alone! It was crazy to see. That would never happen in the US, but in Frank’s world everything is possible.

What are some snowboard films that resonate with you from before you were a pro snowboarder?

First of all, I’m pretty sure I just turned pro at the beginning of this season so I’ll just go with before I was actually sponsored. All the Whitey movies, Afterbang, Viva Session, especially Travis Parker’s part and Jamie Lynn’s, the 411 Snow with Kurt Wastell’s line at Snow Summit, Wildcats, KidsKnow vids, Absinthe vids, Optigrab and the TB series, Amp by MDP (also other MDP vids), David Benedek’s videos, The Crewsayderz videos, every Travis Parker part/MFM part/Wittlake part, Whiskey 1, 2, and 3, Neoproto and all those vids, Suckerpunch, Any Shane Flood part, anything of Chris Bradshaw or Mikey LeBlanc, the Iron Curtain videos, the Grenade videos (I watched them religiously when I lived in Mammoth). Pretty much anything I could get my hands on as a kid was gold to me. At that time, less was more and I truly thought anyone who was in a video was pro and cool.

Harrison Gordon

Hmmm, okay I’m going with Danimals (obviously), Pat Moore (it’s Pat), and Shaun White (Shite). I just am not sure who is truly red-headed in all of snowboarding. I also like Ben Bilodeau a lot and that dude Parker Szumowski seems really sick as well. Both are goofy footed, which I like.

Harrison Gordon

Harrison Gordon

Ted Borland and Max Warbington

Halifax, Nova Scotia. P: Huggy

Harrison Gordon

Ottawa, Canada. P: E-Stone

Harrison Gordon

Otaru, Japan P: Yoshida

Harrison Gordon

P: Oli Gagnon

Harrison Gordon

Otaru, Japan. P: Mike Yoshida

What’s your best story from Japan this year?

I had a really fun day with Yosh Mike Yoshida, Wizard Alex Sherman, Derrek Lever, Scott, Colton, Louif Paradis, and Jake Durham. I had some Sour Patch Kids with me that were a bit special and we all ate them on a medium-ish pow day and somehow got kicked out of the resort for snowboarding! For me, it was a highlight of my season.

When you’re watching snowboard videos, what do you personally look for in a good part?

Style, trick selection and music. Sometimes people are so fucking good but they just do tricks that are kinda lame or that you see way too much. It’s not really their fault and I don’t blame them because filming snowboarding is hard, but if you’re channeling rollerblading into snowboarding, it’s just really obvious and it looks like shit to me. At the same time, anything can be done cool.

What are your three favorite activities besides snowboarding?

Skateboarding, spending time with family and eating good food.

You and Blum in a cage match, one man comes out alive. Who is it and why?

I would probably win a wrestling match. I’m pretty sure we’ve had some roommate squabbles when we lived together in Mammoth and even though he might have more experience “fighting,” I have a few pounds on him so I could get him in some sort of hold and keep him there.

Whose part are you most looking forward to seeing in Resolution and why?

I don’t know.

Ultimately, what did you want to get out of this video part?

I don’t like to think like that. I just like snowboarding, hanging with friends, and traveling. I was hoping to go on some trips with Jake Blauvelt, Mikey Rencz, and Mikkel Bang in the backcountry but it didn’t happen this season, so what can you do?