Mikey Rencz interview

Ted Borland

Ted Borland

L: Whistler, BC. P: Mike Yoshida

How did you hear about the film and how did you get involved to work on Resolution?

I honestly can’t remember the initial conversation but it must have been via Pat Bridges, and then Grenier called me and we both agreed it would be super sick, haha. It’s dope that the proposed roster for the movie actually came together for it.

How was your approach to filming for Resolution different from other projects you’ve worked on?

I’ve done Burton projects for the last 4 or 5 years so it was cool to do something different. And all the riders that came together for it made me super motivated. I tried to focus as much as I could as well as be there for my lady and her chemo treatments.

Ted Borland

What were some of the highlights of your winter?

Me and Mikkel Bang left BC a couple times in a panic to find some snow and ended up panicking right back to catch a storm. Each time we came back we randomly ended up going to the same zone in Pemberton, and after we realized that, we called it Jetlag Ridge. The first time we were there we had flown all night from Europe and went straight there, and the next time directly from Alaska the day before. Jetlag Ridge always paid out. We should have never left in the first place. Those sessions were so sick. Actually now that I think about it, the early season was awesome. From December to mid-January there was so much snow and really nobody was around so it was super chill. We would go out and ride the best snow with no stress and come back home and eat meat and cheese platters, hahaha.

What were some of the lowlights of your winter?

The lowlight was that the season just ended so much earlier than it usually does. We had a couple trips planned to finish off our filming but everywhere got so warm that the trips got cancelled. Summer started in April.

What was the craziest thing you saw in the streets or the backcountry while filming?

Watching Mikkel overshoot this new gap we built on this glacier. It had a real long flat in-run, so it was hard to gauge the speed. We thought the speed was looking right but as soon as he took off I knew he was going to the bottom. He probably ended up passing the actual landing spot by about 100 feet. He didn’t even flinch. He knew he was fucked but he kept doing his trick perfectly, haha.

Are you happy with the amount of footage that you’re sitting on?

No, not really.

Ted Borland

L: Whistler, BC. P: Oli Gagnon

Max Warbington

Who was your main crew this winter?

I was with Mikkel for about 2 months straight. It was great.

What are some snowboard films that resonate with you from before you were a pro snowboarder?

The Terje movies that Dave Seaone made, the early TB films. like until TB9 maybe? As well as the Mack Dawg movies. The sickest. Technical Difficulties, The Meltdown Project. Also, anyone remember that movie called Project 6? They went and shredded all these sick zones off of the highway. That movie was rad.

Ted Borland

What is your favorite zone in the Whistler backcountry?

It changes every year actually, but Rutherford has the biggest jump spots. Probably there.

Is jumping sleds or jumping on your snowboard more fun?

Snowboarding for sure but sledding is a close 2nd.

Which one is more challenging?


If you could give a kid who has never snowmobiled in powder before one piece of advice, what would it be?

Spend the extra dolo on a good sled if you can, which sounds like a given, but I see so many people out there ruining their days on old pieces of shit. It really is a life investment. Get a good sled and you’ll have the best shred days!

Ted Borland

L: Whistler, BC. P: Mike Yoshida

Ted Borland and Max Warbington

L: Whistler, BC. P: Mike Yoshida

Think Thank in Russia

L: BC backcountry. P: Phil Tifo

Think Thank in Russia

Photo: Mike Yoshida

When is the last time you hit a street rail?

Probably 10 years.

Would you be willing to go on a street trip with Louif, Frank, Grenier and Lucas?

Ya for sure, that would be real fun I think. I would be down to hit some gaps or something like that.

Who is the next big Whistler kid on the come up?

Mikey Ciccarelli.

Whose part are you most looking forward to seeing in Resolution and why?

Probably Jake’s because he is so fun to watch and I didn’t get to ride with him too much, so I’m hyped to see his footage.