This past summer, snowboarding lost an integral member of our family. As the former managing editor of this publication, Gerhard Gross helped shape the voice of TransWorld SNOWboarding, and in his subsequent role as content director for Dew Tour, played a critical role in turning the event into what it is today. In his honor, the Dew Tour team coordinated a memorial slalom race to raise money for Gerhard’s wife, Kris, and son, Gerhard IV, both of whom were in attendance as the sun shined down on participants.

Taking place on a course built for adaptive skiers and snowboarders, the race snaked through a series of berms and rollers, and having such an event at Dew Tour was something Gerhard was passionate about. Its inherent inclusivity fittingly represents the man Gerhard was, and the emphasis on proper edge use is a reminder of his prowess as a fundamentally solid snowboarder. Gerhard ripped and would’ve undoubtedly put down a low time on this course.

As riders of all types celebrated Gerhard’s life and his contributions to snowboarding, the camaraderie around the course was the type that reminds us why we snowboard and how lucky we are to be a part of this family. While it’s safe to say no one racing had prizes on their mind, there was a nice reward for the fastest times of the day. Winners were awarded with boards from Korua Shapes, customized by Dew Tour’s Scott Seiver. As a knowledgeable rider concerned with the intricacies of snowboards, the brand’s unique approach to board design and emphasis on their boards’ construction in regard to the art of the turn was something Gerhard was an exceptional fan of.

Congratulations to Evan Strong and Christina Taylor on putting down the fastest times. Thank you to all that came out to make the inaugural race one to remember, and to Chris Ortiz, Adam Cozens, and the whole Dew Tour team for making this race a reality. We look forward to seeing you out there again next seasonwith our boards waxed a little better and our edges a tad sharper.

Women’s Top Five

    1. Christina Taylor 40.30
    2. Madeli Lochte-Bono 40.81
    3. Arielle Gold 40.97
    4. Elena Hight 41.33
    5. Spencer O’Brien 41.92

    Men’s Top Five

    1. Evan Strong 37.19
    2. Simon Nicholson 37.27
    3. Noah Jacques 38.27
    4. Zach Miller 38.31
    5. Aspen Weaver 38.50

    Full Results:

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