Those who make the most impact are the ones who do things differently. Be it in art, music, literature, skating, snowboarding, or really anything at all, its the people who put their own take on their craft that stand out. Theyre the ones we remember most. Dillon Ojo is one of these types. He is snowboardings new wave.

From what he wore, to the way he rode, to the manner in which he carried himself, its apparent that Ojos inspirations were unique and eclectic. They combined to create a style that was inimitable, yet  already emulated, as his snowboard career was only beginning and his potential starting to be recognized. The quirky Quebecois who could identify possibility where others didnt, then adeptly navigate these hectic spots, took that same level of calculated cool to everything he did. And it seems unfathomable to be writing this in past tense.

It is in complete disbelief and with the most sincere condolences that we wish those closest to Dillon our best as they cope with the loss of one the most original to ever do it.

Ojo is way ahead. The rest of us have a long way to go before we catch up.


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