The Minneapolis Cold Front Tour premiere stop took a bit of a different direction this Thursday, as we flipped the script and featured House Call Only and blender, the Tommy Gesme project, in front of an absolutely packed house which was filled to the brim with Midwest snowboarding supporters. Every seat and vantage point was occupied as the films flickered onto the screen, with cheers, hoots, and hollers projected at every opportunity. The entire adidas crew and Midwest in general, came out in full force for the world premiere of blender, including familiar names and faces like Dan Liedahl, Derrek Lever, Mark Wilson, Ben Bilodeau, Craig Cameron, Jacob Krugmire, Alex Sherman, and of course many more. Much to the crowds enjoyment, the full movie ended with a very entertaining B-roll section full of bails and plenty of memorable moments. As the film came to a close, Alex Sherman took to the mic to introduce a short video put together by Louif Paradis, explaining why he couldnt be there that night, wishing he could have been in attendance to see Tommy Gesme officially be added to the pro team. Tommys expression at that point was that of utter disbelief, as the entire adidas team stormed the stage, spraying champagne, cheering, and lifting him into the air. The rest of the night gets a little blurrybut plenty of good times were had, and its safe to say that everyone in attendance most definitely got blended.

Huge thanks to the Varsity Theater and of course adidas snowboarding for making the entire night possible, and one thatll be remembered for a long time. Congratulations, Tommy!

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