Our 19th annual TransWorld SNOWboarding Good Wood board test kicked off at Carinthia at Mount Snow with the park portion of the test.

As the most prestigious board test in snowboarding, we invited top brands to submit their pick for the best park board of 2017-2018 and our crew of diligent and heavy-hitting testers put them through the wringer during four days of testing.

Our hand-selected tester pool consisted of some of the most ripping East Coast riders that have a keen understanding of how good park boards should perform. On the men’s side of things, testers ranged from all styles and backgrounds, and included previous contest winners, shop kids and even one prior Burton Knowbuddy.

On the women’s side, our range included a fearless up-and-coming 18 year old, who stomped anything she tried, a Mount Snow local who works at a shop and knows Carinthias park like the back of her hand and two fierce sisters who werent afraid to send it.

The set-up at Mount Snow was absolutely insane as it served up a buffet of features throughout its numerous parks. This season, Carintha even had a pristine 18′ superpipe which was the scene of a heavy action and also saw a stacked evening session. We also hosted a night shoot, where the riders took out some of the best performing boards and sessioned them well into the twilight.

A huge shout-out to the Carinthia park crew and diggers for their hard-work and dedication throughout the week. They created pristine set-ups, kept all the features perfectly groomed and were always there to help with anything. Thanks to all the testers for riding and rating all the decks and helping to make this one of the best Good Woods yet.

Scroll through the gallery above for a taste of what went down at this esteemed test, and stay tuned for all the results of the winning boards dropping in print and online this fall. Were headed to Snowbird now for the all-mountain portion of the test.

Check out a round-up of some of the board brands featured in the test: Lib Tech, SIMS, Lobster, Academy, IPP, Stepchild, Never Summer, RIDE, Rome, Salomon, Smokin, Niche, Signal, Marhar, Bataleon, Roxy, YES., Dinosaurs Will Die, Arbor, Nitro

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