September’s Board Of The Month

Lib Tech Banana Magic ($696)
Magic Underfoot

2010 Lib Tech Banana Magic Snowboard. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

2010 Lib Tech Banana Magic. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

True magicians never reveal their secrets. That’s exactly why Mike Olsen–Lib experimentalist, materials and composites nerd, and wizard behind this Banana’s magic-keeps its ingredients concealed. He was, however, willing to spill this: The new Horsepower construction completely removes fiberglass from the board in favor of basalt fiber and a granite-infused castor bean derivative for the board’s structural layers and topsheet. According to Olsen, it’s lighter, stronger, damper, and more suitable for flex than Kevlar or carbon fiber, and this concoction offers a huge leap forward in both performance and environmental impact. The core is packed with a blend of eco-farmed mystery woods to deliver a light-weight ride, aggressive snap, and a softer flexing area between the feet deemed the “Z spot” for control. When the finely-tuned shape meets these materials, it produces a do-it-all ride that’s nothing short of magic.

Available lengths: 152, 157, 158W.

Ideal terrain: Anywhere.

Camber: Enhanced Banana rocker between the feet (the most accentuated of any Lib) with subtle camber from the inserts to the tips.

Shape: Twinnish with a deep Magne-traction sidecut.

A Closer Look
The bass boat sparkling, protozoan art scene gracing this deck was created by Northwestern artist Quincy Quigg. Quigg’s refined hesh art has landed on numerous Lib boards over the years and has come to embody the brand’s image. For more on Quincy and his art, visit