Bataleon Jam

The Jam is part of Bataleons 99% Twin collection of boardsa series defined by twin contact shapes that possess an extra centimeter of length added to the nose for directional, all-terrain enabling outlines. Incorporating their signature Triple Base Technology, the Jam takes advantage of a unique Freestyle 3BT + Sidekick uplift design to generate a freestyle-driven, catch-free ride that prefers to be ridden at lightning fast speeds. Its Dynamic Camber profile features a Lightcore wood construction integrated with two carbon stringers, which run parallel to one another from tip to tail, resulting in a stiff and aggressive personality suited for the experienced all-mountain rider.

Features & Details:

  • Triple Base Technology
  • Sidekick uplift design
  • Dynamic Camber profile
  • Lightcore constructed with carbon stringers

MSRP: $630
Sizes: 153, 156, 159, 161W

Triple Base Technology. PHOTO: Mike Basher

Dynamic Camber profile. PHOTO: Mike Basher

The Jam is part of Bataleons 99% Twin collection of boards. PHOTO: Mike Basher

Sidekick uplift design. PHOTO: Mike Basher

Lightcore constructed with carbon stringers. PHOTO: Mike Basher

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