Supportive, responsive, and highly durable, the following collection of freeride boots promise to meet the needs of riders who cannot be categorized. From withstanding bell-to-bell laps at your local resort, to maintaining a firm grip on the bootpack, all of these boots have proven capable of withstanding season-long abuse across any and all terrain types.

Vans Verse

Vans mens verse chris wellhausen 01
A collaboration with Blake Paul and The North Face, the Vans Verse is built to withstand heavy abuse. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Unlike others touting rigidity not corroborated by riding, the Verse is a legitimately stiff boot that will truly hold up to multiple seasons of hard use. Its dual Boa closure with zippered cover provides a sleek and easily adjustable package that, combined with a rugged outsole, lends itself well to snowboard mountaineering and snowmobiling.

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Burton SLX

Burton mens slx tested chris wellhausen 01
Softer than advertised, Burton’s SLX is a perfect freeride option for those who prioritize flex. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

If stiff is what you’re after, look elsewhere, but if comfort and tweakability are determining factors in your boot-buying decision, the SLX could be ideal. These boots are fit for a rider who appreciates flex, even in a freeride setting. The instant slipper-like comfort that comes with the SLX’s softness will be immediately welcome the moment you slide your feet in.

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adidas Acerra ADV

Adidas mens tested chris wellhausen 01
The Acerra ADV features classic adidas styling full of the high tech features that the brand has long been known for. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

With a performance aesthetic and personality to match, the Acerra ADV from adidas proves capable of handling high speeds and huge landings. The stiff flex pattern and tall profile provides ample edge-to-edge drive that will have riders railing hard turns and hammering hacks on transition.

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DC T. Rice

Dc mens travis rice tested chris wellhausen 01
Although designed with Travis Rice, this boot from DC will suit a wide range of riders. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

DC’s T. Rice is more of an everyman’s boot than its elite athlete endorsement would lead one to believe, which is testament to the idea that stiffness isn’t inherently correlated with performance, but a matter of personal preference. The dual Boa design and zippered closure create a clean package that holds up well anywhere deep snow is involved.

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Rome Guide SRT

Rome mens chris wellhausen 12
More versatile than expected, Rome’s Guide SRT is a freeride boot for the well-rounded rider. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

The Guide has a lot going onliterally, in the form of laces, Boa, and a Velcro strap, but also in the sense of its versatility. Its moniker hints at backcountry usage, and it’s certainly rugged enough to hold up in such a setting. But the snowboarder who will appreciate this boot is not limited to any one category of rider.

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