Women’s snowboard products shouldn’t be watered down – and that goes for style as well as performance. Below, we’ve collected this season’s most reputable freestyle footwear offerings, all which meet the same standards as their male counterparts. From fashion forward pro models, to top-of-the-line dual-Boa lacing systems, the following boots promise to offer the support and flex you desire for freestyle-focused riding.

ThirtyTwo Lashed Melancon

ThirtyTwo’s Lashed is offered in this eye-catching Desiree Melancon pro model colorway. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Feast your eyes on the Lashed by Desiree Melancon one heater of a boot that rides even better than it looks. Simple, comfortable and responsive, this ThirtyTwo staple possesses a classic style and design built around a tried and true traditional lacing system. With zero gimmicks, this boot is a hot commodity.

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Burton Felix Boa

Featuring a dual-Boa design, Burton’s Felix is a light and supportive freestyle boot. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Stiff out of the boxsignaling a long lifespan ahead of themthe Felix is light and supportive while also providing a natural feel when lapping through the park. And with a heat-moldable liner for a customizable fit, as well as a dual-BOA system for efficiency and on-the-fly adjustments, the Felix proves to be a dialed, user-friendly design.

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Salomon Lush

Comfortable right out of the box, the Lush is a go-to boot for those who value flex. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Salomon’s Lush possesses immediate predictability and natural comfort. A softer offering, its lightweight construction and slim design will appeal to those who enjoy surfing through transition and keeping things loose in the park. A form-fitting profile also features a soft, impact-absorbing footbed for those occasional harsh landings.

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Nitro Monarch

With a mid flex and an innovative lacing system, Nitro’s Monarch is snug and versatile. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

The Monarch’s lacing system, while initially intimidating, proves intricate, efficient, and strangely satisfying once figured out. A middle-of-the-road flex combined with a natural and responsive boot-to-board connection results in immediate familiarity, creating an at-home feel across any conditions or terrain.

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DC Lotus

The Lotus’ unique footbed offers top-notch cushioning and dampening properties. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Featuring a footbed comprised of small, gel-like circles on the surface, the Lotus reduces fatigue while also making for a seriously damp ride. As a softer offering, these boots certainly have it all for fans of a softer, spongier feel. And with a hybrid lacing system, they’ll hold up nicely as a detail-oriented yet minimalist piece of footwear.

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