MSRP: $350

Bluetooth wireless is the new tech standard. So is noise cancellation. Bose, a company known for pioneering noise-cancelling audio, combined those two attributes in the QC 35, and calls it their best headset yet. Our staff didn’t require much convincing.

The QC35 features best-in-class noise cancellation, which muffles would-be distracting sounds like wind or voices, and an equalizer balances sound no matter the volume level. Buttons on the right earpiece control playback and volume, as well as Bluetooth connection, and answer and end calls. The user’s voice is transmitted through microphones embedded in each earpad, which also cancel out ambient noise, so not only is music crisp and clear, so are phone calls. Bass is powerful but lows and highs are well balanced, especially at medium to high volume levels. Bass sounds deepest at low volume.

Padding lines the headband and is stacked thick yet soft around the ears to provide ultimate comfort. The ear pads actually wrap around the ears to rest against the temple and jaw bone (users with substantially large ears might disagree), which is a relief considering many headphones with earpads of smaller circumference press against the ears. Noise-cancelling, over-ear headphones that dont pinch ears after hours of use are essential for long flights to snowy destinations.

Get roughly 20 hours of wireless listening from a full charge, or about 40 hours while plugged in. Once down, a 15-minute charge provides enough power for another 2+ hours. LED lights notify you when battery runs low. They come in silver or black and includes a cord in case you need to forego wireless and save battery life on your audio device. The headset charges via micro USB cable and comes with a hardshell case for safe transport. The Bose QC25 offers the same noise-cancelling and audio qualities for $50 less, but if you’re looking for those features in a wireless package, the QC35 is your best bet.


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