This story originally appeared in the December Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding.
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Not much energizes the snowboarder within like an open road and daydreams of dropping new lines. To make the most of your next ticket to ride, pack these road trip essentials and know youre dialed for the days ahead before setting off toward the horizon. Load up the whip, climb inside, and head for the hills.



Snuggle up with PrimaLoft Gold insulation that keeps hands toasty, a waterproof and breathable insert for protection from the elements, and Nicolas Müllers soothing voice echoing reminders in your head that youre rocking his favorite mitt. The roomy fit feels liberating, and the sticky polyurethane palms are capable of grabbing like a crab.


SMITH SQUAD ($80-100)

A price-point goggle with advanced lens technology isnt easy to come by, but Smith has an offering for the whole squad. The cylindrical lens provides plenty of peripheral vision and anti-fog coating helps prolong lens life. When its time to swap lenses, theyre easy to change. There are options, but we suggest ChromaPop for the best color and clarity.




That patch might as well read Necessities for Winter Road Trips instead of “Necessities for Fine Living.” Add this acrylic beanie to your list of staples on a long winter drive. Its supreme comfort means youll never take it off, which is fine; the basic cuffed style and natural color options go well with anything.



Remember those six pack abs commercials? Pretty weird. But electric muscle stimulators actually do break down lactic acid buildup to help strengthen muscles. An increasing number of pro riders and physical therapists are using them, and the PowerDot, controlled by a smartphone app, is great after a long day on-hill, so you can ride just as hard the next day.



ChromaPop polarized lenses boost color and clarity through a medium-sized frame, so these unisex shades look great on drivers both male and female. An anti-scratch finish prolongs lens life as they slide around in the car or truck, and sharp edges along the rim make a bold style statement.

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