GoPro : Seeker Pack

MSRP: $169.99

Review: Adam Broderick

To get the most creative footage with your GoPro, youll want to accessorize. And once youve built a large enough quiver of tools, a need will arise for a backpack tailored to carry all those items without feeling bulky or riding awkwardly on your back. The new Seeker pack from GoPro has all the essentials required to spend the day collecting footage from your favorite adventures, whether they involve snowboarding or not. It makes a great tool not only for carrying camera gear, but for capturing behind-the-scenes moments like the skate commute across campus to learn more about making movies or the random, comical things that happen between waiting in line for breakfast and the line for first chair.

Integrated camera mounts allow the user to simply hit play and start moving, external pockets and cords offer places to stash water bottles or attach pole mounts, and Velcro and zipper pockets help organize and store gear like remotes, extra batteries and memory cards, shoot, even extra cameras. The padded, segmented top pocket will hold up to five GoPros, so one-man production teams are good to go. For work and school days, the sleeve meant to hold a two-liter hydration bladder can also hold a 15-inch laptop. The pack is weatherproof and tough, with a scratch-resistant, 600d polyurethane coating on the front panel and 400d nylon on the sides, so it will also resist shreddingnot shredding as in snowboarding, but as in tearing should you drop it repeatedly or drag it across rocks. Its more than ready to shred the hill.

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The built-in, adjustable shoulder-strap mounts on both sides are positioned pointing forward. Thats not the best angle to capture POV snowboarding footage, when the side of the shoulder faces forward, so save those mounts for times between laps, like showing off gorgeous views from lift rides or when friends do something radical in the parking lot. If you can recruit a skier to follow you down the mountain, they might consider mounting to the shoulder strap or using the included chest mount strap, which would provide even more stability. When not holding a pole mount in your hand, secure it to the pack with the stretchable hook-and-loop closure system. This mounting position also offers over-the-shoulder views, which offers more depth of field than POV helmet- or chest-mount perspectives.

For those who spend the off-season riding on dirt or asphalt, the slim profile (19in x 9.5in x 5in) and snug fit will prevent the pack from swinging around and throwing you off balance. The breathable back padding is separated by air channels to maximize airflow and minimize sweat buildup, and the padded shoulder straps help displace pack weight evenly so its comfortable no matter how full the pack is stuffed. Pull it all in close with the waist and torso straps, and compress the 16 liters of carry space with the side straps, and this pack is ready to seek out the best action shots your creative mind can compose.

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