HYPED: ThirtyTwo Jones MTB Snowboard Boots

Snowboard boots have come a long way from soft-ankled Sorels  and work boots, and a few have even begun to cross into the realm of mountaineering legitimacy.

Despite his resume, folks were still surprised to hear about Jeremy Jones collaboration on a mountaineering splitboard boot this year with ThirtyTwo, which is traditionally less of a freeride brand. The MTB, available in October 1st, the same date as the 2032 movie premiere,  has most of the mountain-ready features youd need in pursuit of big backcountry lines: taped seems for waterproofing, a Vibram sole thats crampon-ready but still flexes, heel welts for metal crampon bails, and a zippered Cordura lace cover that keeps laces from freezing in subzero temps.


It also sports vented, heat-moldable Intuition liners and footbeds and an internal lacing system for heel hold.

But the catchiest feature is the boots adjustable cuff, with a rear piece that can be lowered with a BOA reel to give you more range of motion and thus a longer stride on splitboard missions. It has a striking resemblance to Rides CAT (Calf Adjustment Technology) system, a womens-specific feature thats been out since 2010 to accommodate ladies with athletic calf muscles that dip down into their boots. Deeluxe also has an extendable rear cuff in Xavier De Le Rues new XVe, but the MTBs BOA closure system looks to provide the sturdiest support for when it matters most in high-consequence scenarios.

Spiltboard boots still have a ways to go in comparison to the range of motion and diminished resistance of Alpine Touring hard boots, but ThirtyTwo has made some big strides of their own with all these off-piste features packed into a boot that should still ride quite comfortably on a resort day.


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